A Sort of Sisterhood

Local Book Club is 32 Years Strong: An Interview with Sharon Andrus

When did it start and how?

The book club started in 1983 when we were encouraged to start special interest groups as young mothers. Several women are original members, some are newer. Sadly, not all are pictured.

How long have you been together? 

Thirty-two years.

Who is the author you would most like to meet?

Wallace Stegner, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, Margaret Mitchell, Marcel Proust and Elizabeth Berg

What's the worst excuse anyone has given for not wanting to read a book?  

It might be offensive, it sounds boring, that it will be over my head (that one is mine)!

What’s the average time you spend talking about the book before the conversation turns into politics or family? 

Forty-five minutes to an hour—it depends on the book.

What books are on your list to read? 

The Curious Incident of the Dog

Ordinary Grace

Orphan Train

Boys in the boat

Ghost Boy

All the Light We Cannot See

I Am Malala

Why do you enjoy the group?

We enjoy it for intellectual stimulation and friendships. I feel like we would not read otherwise and I really enjoy the diversity in our group.

Any funny stories or memorable meetings?

Our Christmas meeting is usually a really fancy experience with special food and decorations. This year we decided to just have sandwiches and salads because everyone is so busy. The communication between two of the ladies wasn't very good so instead of having pulled pork sandwiches we ended up having pork and bean sandwiches because the two people who were supposed to bring the pulled pork forgot to bring it. But pork and beans wasn't too bad a substitute.

What’s your favorite thing about book club?

I have learned so much from the ladies. Most of them are, or have been, school teachers. They have had many experiences I haven't had the opportunity to have, like visiting other countries and learning things just from their teaching. Reading the books they choose has been a real learning experience because I probably would never have chosen them myself.  It’s also been great for friendship. The best thing about our group is we all feel like sisters. We enjoy being together and are willing to help each other in times of need.