On a shelf in our house is an old canister that purports itself to be full of jellybeans, a glossy label promising treats. But it’s a big ol’ trick to the unsuspecting. One twist of the lid and there it is: an explosion of wild crepe covered springs. My four year old finds this prank hilarious always, and has been known to knock on neighbors’ doors before breakfast, after dinner, bare feet, pajama clad, swimsuit clad, chocolate milk on his face, hair crazy, just to show them. Just to let them see. There is no self-consciousness, no regard for decorum, no need to be preemptive; instead, there is just a simple need to show, to share something incredible.

Knowing that Draper Lifestyle would soon be launching, I have spent the past few months hyper-aware of Draper. All of it. I drove the streets of our cute town with care, trying to notice things. I stopped. I talked to people. I listened. I spent the better part of an early spring morning in a warm patch of sunshine around a table at the Draper Historical Society, chatting with locals whose roots run deep here, yearning to tell their stories—our stories—the stories that have shaped our unique community. I have learned more from these simple gestures of inquiry and pause than I’ve known in 10 years of living here—and what I’ve learned is this: I am interested. I want to know it all. And like my little guy, I want to show you! I want to share!

Sometimes we look without seeing and what lies waiting to surprise us when we do open our eyes is something that’s been in front of us all along. And it’s pure, unexpected delight.

Take, for example, our trail system in Corner Canyon. We know it’s there, but do we really understand the positive impact it has on our community? Or when we learn of a neighbor’s desire to throw a wedding reception, do we wish them luck and go on with our own busy lives, or do we see a true need and pull together? Spoiler alert: we pull together.


I hope that together we can continue to discover the surprises of our community, and the mainstays, and all the stories in between. Feel like being delighted? Want to know more? Want to tell us what to write about next? Then you’ve come to the right place.

So read on, friend, and if you see me around town, stop me, because I want to hear your stories.

Brooke Benton, Editor




CCHS Mountain Biking team member Tanner Miller conquers Maple Hollow.