Summer stretches before me like an open book or a blank piece of canvas, and it feels dreamy when I look at it like that, and I wonder why I love this time of year so much—why it’s so highly anticipated. It can’t simply be the uniform of flip-flops and dresses, or the promise of watermelon and garden tomatoes, or the way my kids and I can make a full day out of riding our bikes to the library. I think what speaks to me most about the beginning of summer is that the entire season feels full of possibility.

And I like that feeling—that these next few months can be the slowest, most laziest months of my year, or they could be the busiest, most crazily scheduled; they can be anything I want them to be.

It just takes a little vision.

Draper is teeming with people who have vision. And as I read over this month’s issue, the idea of possibility and vision seem to slowly reveal themselves in nearly every article we feature.

Mayor Walker sees possibility written all over Draper when he says, “There’s only one direction you can go and that’s forward.”

The senior Student Body Officers of Corner Canyon High School saw possibility in uniting several students from disparate schools with the simple idea of Rise Above, and in doing so set a tone they hope is not only honored, but built upon.

My neighbor sees solutions to homelessness as she volunteers with The Road Home; a local dance studio sees a different kind of competition when they declare: “no pressure!” And the dads we feature in this issue? They seem to be dreamers as well. Read on to see.

Yes, Draper is filled with locals who “dwell in possibility”—they dwell in what could be. And that inspires me.

So I’m going to take my cue from them this summer and envision great things happening. Even if those things just occur on my back deck in a lounge chair, while the sun sets and the breeze picks up.


Brooke Benton, Editor