Gutter Sundae! 7

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With a New Family Tradition


Sunday, July 19 is National Ice Cream Day and July is National Ice Cream Month. Ronald Reagan is the president we can thank for this blessed celebration, for which he called all people of the United States to observe with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

My family has taken that directive to heart… just about every night.

How will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day and Month?

One way that is sure to please is a “Gutter Sundae” party! Simply go to a home improvement store, buy a rain gutter, cap off the ends, fill that sucker up with ice cream and toppings galore, then invite the whole neighborhood. It will be sure to wow, amaze, flabbergast, bewilder and leave those who devoured its scrumptiousness totally and utterly content. And maybe in a slight ice cream-induced stupor.