The Best Parks Around

Look to Some Lesser-known Parks for Summer Fun

When it comes to Draper’s parks, most residents are familiar with the city’s crowning jewel, Draper Park or the wild Corner Canyon Regional Park. But Draper has 35 parks, many of which are often overlooked. This summer, take a picnic, your bike and friends and check out some of these “best” parks in town.

Best Multi-use Park: Jordan River Rotary Park

Head out west to enjoy one of the more multifaceted and natural parks in Draper. Situated along the verdant banks of the Jordan River, the Jordan River Rotary Park offers something for everyone: biking/walking/running along the adjacent Jordan River Parkway trail, fishing, picnicking under covered tables or large pavilion, Frisbee throwing in the grassy fields, playing in the two large playgrounds (one adaptive) and bird watching. What’s not to love here? 12300 South 973 West

Best Playground for Roaming Kids:  Jordan River Rotary Park’s West-Side Play Area

If your little tyke travels too fast, this fenced-in play space with cushioned blacktop is the ideal outdoor playpen! Sit on the bench inside the play area, which is right by the entrance, making escapes impossible. Most equipment is geared for five and older. Walk west across the park’s bridge to get here. 12300 South 973 West

Best Park for Fishing: Mehraban
Wetlands Park

Hidden away in this neighborhood park is Sunset Pond, a shaded place ideal for catfish and trout fishing. Fishing licenses needed for those over 12. It’s also an ideal spot for bird watching. 11815 South Riparian Drive

Best Park for Sunset Viewing: Orson Smith Park

Tucked against the Wasatch, above the urban sprawl, is a perfect park for watching a summer sunset. Covered picnic tables, a drinking fountain and restrooms add convenience. But sunset isn’t the only time to visit. Early on summer mornings, this is the last place to get sun, making it the coolest starting point for a hike along the gravel Upper Corner Canyon Road paralleling the mountain or higher above on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 12625 South Highland Drive

Best Park to Practice Your Wheelie: Mountain Bike Pocket Park

Before conquering Corner Canyon, perhaps a refresher ride is in order at this newer park. Riders of all levels can test their ability on several tracks, including skills, pump and flow tracks. Bring a helmet. South of Andy Ballard Equestrian Center. 1600 East Highland Drive. 

Best Park for a Hotdog Roast: Draper Park

Many parks have BBQ stands, but only Draper Park has a fire pit surrounded by benches, which makes a fun setting for all to gather round and roast hotdogs or s’mores. There are only two minor inconveniences: The fire pit, located near the southeast pavilion is close to 1300 East’s traffic and it cannot be reserved. Claim your place before sunset and bring firewood. 12500 South 1300 East (southeast corner)

Best Park to Beat the Heat: Suncrest’s Village Green Park

While this isn’t a Draper City park and rather a private park, it is the best park to beat the heat on a summer afternoon. Drive (or bike!) up to Suncrest and relax under the trees listening to the brook and the breeze. Forgot your picnic? Luckily, The Ridge Market and Cafe, directly south of the park, is open daily. Order a wood-fired pizza to go and enjoy the coolness. At the intersection of Traverse Ridge Road and Suncrest Drive