The Draper Drips

Five Happy “Young” Ladies

What, you may ask, is a Draper Drip? Take five Draper girls who met in kindergarten (held for six weeks in the summer) in 1944, watch them join together to pick strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, have fun-filled slumber parties, host Halloween parties for dozens in the Hoffman’s red barn, and speed around town in Ray Hoffman’s old truck–which they had decorated with polka dots, stripes,  checks, and flowers from unused house paint, and who they called Albert–and you will know you have seen a Draper Drip.

Back then, Jordan High had students from every community south of 7200 South and east/west of both mountain ranges.  Every town had it’s own “groups.” Each of these five Draper girls held class or student body offices and, not wanting to be arrogant, began calling themselves “The Draper Drips.” They loved their classmates, but always, always, held their precious bond of friendship as something to be treasured. After graduation, life took them all in different directions and they began to lose touch with each other.

When they were 60 years old, Lynda Lee Sharp Paulk endured a life threatening illness. Living in Las Vegas, she resolved to reunite the Drips, inviting them all to Vegas for a lovely weekend. There they were transported back through those many years to the happy, carefree days of their youth, and have since dedicated one week every summer to enjoy, once again, being a Draper Drip. They call it “Draper Drip Week.”

One year, as they were “flying” up I-15 outside of Bakersfield, California, a young patrolman man stopped them for “excessive” speeding.  He looked into the Lexus window where the front seat, back seat and every inch between was filled with five happy ladies, their knitting in their laps, Diet Coke cans in every holder. “What is this, girls night out?” he asked with a wry grin. When he learned they were the Draper Drips, friends for 70+ years, who had seen three Angels baseball games that week, he came back to them and said, “Slow down girls, we want to see you back here again next year.” One has to believe he had quite a story to tell his buddies after work that day, such as “You won’t believe what I caught doing 90 on the freeway today!”

So, if you happen to see five happy “young” ladies, each one talking a mile-a-minute, boarding a plane for Newport Beach, and it’s August, you might want to ask if you can join in, because being a Draper Drip is a wonderful thing.