The magic of summer.

(We run the gamut in this issue.)

This time of year always feels far more full of resolve than the new year to me. I’m certain it’s because January is cold and September is full of back to school supplies.

I mean schedules.

Back to school and “back to schedules” heralds a type of new beginning, and I am ready for it—ready for bedtimes, ready to ban chips from my life, ready to have my days structured by the workaday 9 to 5 (or 7 to 3, as the school day case may be).

And yet the whole hulabaloo is a bit of a transition. I don’t have children who go gently back to school and they hold on to summer with a determined defiance—we will eke the most out of these last lovely days of sunshine even as we settle into homework and family dinners and the busy-ness of after school activities and lessons and practices.

(Wait, am I ready for this?)

September in general is a transitional month, where the dog days linger till night falls, and inside that evening breeze there is a new loft, a call out, a bit of chill. The schedules are changing, the weather is changing, and behind all of that, lined up like dominoes ready to fall: the leaves change, the Halloween costumes are chosen, the holidays are stressed about.

But until that slippery slope into that, there is this thought, for right now, and it has to do with a bridge.

A bridge is a solution, yes? A way to make something easier. A bridge spans an expanse, makes passable something that at one point had no passage, offers a way to traverse, a way to connect two points.

So it’s awfully fitting that we have a bridge on the cover.

Because in this issue we cover solutions and connections, beginning with the literal, as a new suspension bridge goes up in Bear Canyon, to the figurative, as high school seniors offer solutions to real-world (and aptly local) issues in a year-end school project. We remember how the young students at the old Park School banded together and raised money for an original Norman Rockwell and are inspired by a neighbor who wanted a zebra… so she got a zebra.

See? Solutions for problems you didn’t even know you had.

Enjoy your September,