The Fix is Here to Stay 2

Nestled in the Chevron Near the Heart of Draper, This Soda Pop Shop is a Great Place for a Homemade Treat

Sugar cookies, right? It really is all about sugar cookies these days. Draper is fortunate enough to have several places with deliciously yummy sugar cookie options. One place is at the Chevron on 1300 East and 123rd South. That is because every day, Karissa Peterson is in the commercial kitchen at the back of her store baking freshly made cookies from her family’s secret dough recipe.

Ever since Karissa can remember, her grandmother Valeria King would make scrumptious sugar cookies and pies and cakes and anything else that had to do with sugar. In Antimony, Utah Grandma King is a baking legend. So a few years ago, Peterson was trying to think of a better way to compete with all the new soda stores that were opening in the area. After giving birth to her twin boys and being able to slow down for a little bit and go over the numbers for her business, she noticed that fountain volume sales at her Draper Chevron had significantly decreased. She was ready to find another way to be more competitive. Draper had always had the highest soda volume of all the stores in the valley. Yes, Draper residents really love their soda pop! Then she remembered the amazing sugar cookie recipe that her grandmother had used for years. Peterson got to work and started baking and tweaking. The dough recipe is grandma’s and it is pretty flawless, but the three varieties of frosting belong to Karissa Peterson. Besides the traditional flavor, Peterson makes coconut and pink lemonade.

This is where The Fix was born. What goes better with a large sugar cookie than a specialized fountain drink? The theme for The Fix is that it hits the spot, and it really does. Drinks are easily customizable and she offers refills if you purchase a hip metal Mason jar with The Fix logo. There are a wide variety of “fixed” drinks: Boombox, Galaxy, Red Rox, Tropix, Equinox, etc. In addition, customers can buy a Growler. It is a large, 64-ounce glass jar that they will fill up with a “fixed” drink that can be taken to parties or home for dinner. The Fix will refill a Growler also.

Peterson is an astute proprietor who owns three convenience stores in the valley. It is a business she learned as a child, watching her father successfully run dozens of stores in northern Utah. She transitioned to adulthood and ownership naturally. Now with the convenience store and commercial kitchen, Peterson has found a recipe for success in a competitive market. In other words, the cookies are a hit. The best part is that when Peterson designed this Chevron, she made sure to include a drive-thru window. From about 1-5 p.m. and at night, the drive-thru is busy serving Draper residents who need a little treat or a pick-me-up.

According to Karissa Peterson, the most popular cookie is the traditional sugar cookie. It constitutes 50 percent of cookie sales. The coconut and pink lemonade cookies are about even for the other half. But a few months ago, Peterson added a loaded chocolate chip cookie that is especially popular with men. Peterson swears that only the men buy the chocolate chip cookie.

Since The Fix opened in February 2015, it has been a successful addition to the many new businesses in Draper. Whether you need a custom cookie order for your next special event, the drive-thru, or decide to hang out in a yellow chair at the store front, The Fix continues to uphold the integrity of the sugar cookie craze.