Making a house 
a home.

Afew months ago, my husband spoke to the business school 
 at his alma mater. As I listened to him detail the last 18 years of our life business-wise, I had a matching story for each, but family-wise: how many children we had, what exactly was going on emotionally, and mostly, where we were living. Each memory was encased in a house; each house the backdrop for a particular time of our life.

I remember pumpkin carving in a pumpkin colored house with white trim. I remember struggling to stay awake while reading library books on an old purple (purple!!) couch to a freshly bathed, wet haired toddler who’s now almost 15, in a bungalow that’s now almost 100. I remember a wide porch where we’d sit while it rained, the drops plinking off the tin roof, and talk about all our tomorrows. I remember Play-doh and laughter and homework and cake around three different dinner tables in three different dining rooms in three different cities.

The walls of our houses have held far more than furniture and have been far more than a place to lay our heads. They’ve held our entire life, while it has happened—the real parts, that are messy and unedited and joyful and true.

What makes a house a home? What takes it from mere building materials to mythic setting of all good memories? Nostalgia mostly. And gratitude for the life lived inside its walls.

Still, it helps to love the place you live while you live there. And that’s where this issue comes in. Sometimes it’s just the details—new throw pillows, or finally tackling an organizing project—and sometimes it’s bigger, and you build a mudroom or a new kitchen. Either way, creating the ideal setting where your life can play out is no small matter.

So we hope this issue inspires you to love your home and love being there—whether over a Thanksgiving meal of family favorites or because of a great remodel.

Plus, there’s also an interview with a local who, very long ago, chose to make Draper his home…

Just like we all did.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.