Dr. Moody and Biorestoration

Overcoming Tragedy, this Innovative Clinic is Continuing 
to Do Groundbreaking Work in Restorative Health

Biorestoration Medical Clinic and Spa is the place to go for a whole body makeover in Utah. The visionary Dr. Robert Moody and his wife Stacey opened the clinic in 2004 with the goal of turning back the clock on aging. A doctor of osteopathy trained in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging, Moody had an incredible array of experience that enabled him to provide unique services at his specialized clinic. He did just about everything. Moody was the clinic.

And then the unimaginable happened: it was a plane crash and in an instant, he was gone. Moody, the man who loved life and adventure, took a solo flight on a foggy afternoon in January 2015 in his single-engine airplane over the Great Salt Lake and never returned. To his family and friends, the news was absolutely devastating. It also left a lot of uncertainty at the clinic. How could the company continue in business when the founder and main doctor was gone? It was not an easily navigated obstacle; Moody was irreplaceable. The clinic was his vision. He had nurtured and directed the clinic, with the assistance of his wife Stacey, over the past ten years with great success. It was not like Stacey Moody could just find another doctor with an identical set of skills.

However, Stacey did go into business with Rob Horsley, and Horsley crafted a solution that has maintained the integrity of the clinic and perpetuates Moody’s legacy of integrative health. He has hired multiple doctors who specialize in different fields to meet the needs of the clinic’s patients. Currently Jeffrey Nelson, DO, Christopher Kelly, MD, Amy Killen, MD, Thaddeus Jacobs, ND, Nicole Kelly, PA-C (who trained with Moody) and Laurie Childs, PA are all part of the staff that provides care at the clinic.  Each doctor specializes in a different aspect of anti-aging and restorative health. It takes a team of doctors to continue the work of the irreplaceable Moody.

“He was just a remarkable man,” says Stacey.

There are a plethora of options for prospective patients: bio-identical hormone replacement, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), cosmetic surgeries and aesthetics. It is a surprisingly large clinic tucked away in a nondescript strip mall on 123rd South and 450 East. Horsley says the clinic has had wonderful success in treating a wide variety of issues. He was even a patient.

“A few years ago, when I was about 33 years old, I was working so much and I never had any energy. When I went home, I would sit on the couch and fall asleep. No energy. Dr. Nelson, who is our medical director now, put me on a program and in just over a year’s time I have lost 75 pounds. Now I go home and I want to play with my kids and I’m more active,”  he says. Nelson helped him to get his hormones balanced through natural methods.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is another treatment option that Moody helped to develop nationwide. It utilizes platelets from a patients’ own blood to rebuild damaged tendon or cartilage. It has been successful in not only relieving pain, but also in jumpstarting the healing process. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is done in an exam room and takes less than an hour. The patient’s blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge for 15 minutes to separate the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the damaged portion of the tendon or cartilage with the guidance of an ultrasound machine. (EmoryHealthCare.org) Biorestoration Medical has had many success stories with PRP on athletes, including skiers, basketball players, and MMA fighters. Considering how invasive and costly joint surgery can be, PRP is a great alternative to try before going to a standard method of treatment.

The clientele for Biorestoration Medical is mostly people in the community, but it does get a fair share of people from out of state who come for the groundbreaking treatment the clinic provides, and word has spread without any advertising. The people of Draper recognize and are willing to utilize these kinds of services. The average wait time to get in is about three months for standard treatments, although cosmetic surgeries can be done sooner. When you walk through the doors at Biorestoration Medical, the atmosphere is peaceful and the legacy of Moody lives on, with the help of a lot of doctors.