If you live here, you tend to love it here.

This is made plain in how the city expands, and roads widen and new neighborhoods spring up overnight. Even the original Draperites who were born here seem to stay their whole lives, parceling the land they grew up on to make room for new neighbors.

Yep, Draper is the place people want to be.

And people are what make a community. The mountains are gorgeous for sure, and nothing beats an early morning vista across a pastoral patch dotted with cows and sheep or the electrified anticipation at a local trailhead; but people are here mostly because of other people, and the spirit of this place is dictated by a community rich in both history and possibility, as well as a sense of good old-fashioned, small-town values.

This sense of community runs deep. I don’t go a day without someone telling me how much they love reading about a place they thought was special, and now with stories, know it for a fact.

Draper Lifestyle wants to up the ante on that. We are a publication about community—which means we’re all about YOU. About where you live, how you live and the things that are important to you. We are passionate about our readers and we cultivate each issue with the people of Draper in mind. Who are you? What are you interested in? What do you like? What should we do next?

These aren’t rhetorical questions; we really want to know.

So let’s talk; let’s make this a conversation. Head to our Facebook page—Facebook.com/DraperLifestyle—and let us know what you think. Then hang around for our new monthly giveaways (donated by local businesses) and updates on community events.

As another year opens up before us and our lives bend naturally toward new beginnings and betterment, we express to you a desire to be our best—Draper’s best. And the best publication we can be. Likewise, we hope this issue will inspire you to be your best too, with a family that gets fit together, a health club and a way to give back.

Happy New Year, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor