Treehouse Athletic Club 4

A Place to Nurture Families, a Place to Nurture Health

Small town and home grown is an apt description of the Treehouse Athletic Club (TAC). Since 1998, it has been an important part of Draper. The club is a gathering place for residents and a leader in healthy and active living. When it opened, 60% of the members had never ever been a part of a fitness club and now this well established, family-centered local business is creating a generational legacy, a place designed for everybody.

“There really, truly is something for everybody. We have the kids area, but we have split it up and changed it for different age groups. We are here to help people have healthy lifestyles for their entire life. It’s a family activity that kids continue to do when they are older. We are going on 18 years in June that we have been open. I have been here since the beginning and see kids that grew up at the Treehouse and are adults who now bring their kids to the club and that is what is pretty exciting to see, generations continuing to come,” said General Manager AnnMarie Christopulos.

Bailey Burden is a perfect example of this. She has been coming since she was little, starting in the Nest, the daycare center that starts taking babies as young as 6 weeks old.

“Since I was a kid, I have been going to the Treehouse. I have always gone there. I remember going to the Nest. Now when I walk in, I know everyone. It is a small-town feel. Every kid from my high school has a membership.”

The small town feel is created by attentive and amiable employees. They know the members and care about them. Linda Frogley has worked at the Treehouse Athletic Club for almost 5 years. At first it was just a job until she could find something better, but she has stayed because of the friendly atmosphere. Frogley especially loves the kids and makes it a point to learn all of their names. She knows just about every kid who walks through the door and makes sure to give them a high five or ask how they are doing.

“I say hello to every kid that comes through the door, if I can. I absolutely love kids,” she says.

That love shows. Frogley has become a rock star of sorts in the kid community.

“When I go to Draper City Park to walk my dog, I feel like a celebrity, especially during baseball season,” she says. The kids who are there for baseball games will enthusiastically greet and hug her.

Every summer the club throws an anniversary ice cream pool party at the end of June and, like clockwork, Frogley will get thrown into the pool by a gaggle of kids.

“It is an unofficial kid tradition. I get thrown into the pool every single year. They don’t think I am expecting it, but I plan. I put my phone away and wear waterproof mascara,” she says.

The Downing family recently joined the Treehouse Athletic Club because of convenience and ease of use.

“The Kid’s Club is one of the biggest selling points of this experience. We are able to leave our three kids while we have our own alone time and workout. The kids like it and they have their own program and they like the activities,” said Phil Downing.

“And we don’t have to schedule an appointment. We can just come and they are always available. I feel like we are dating again before we had kids. It’s a great value,” says Phil’s wife Marny.

The Juice Tree Cafe is another part of the club to help members be successful in health. Gerald White, a military serviceman, has utilized this as a part of his health journey.

“I would never eat breakfast, but I now enjoy high protein vegetable and fruit smoothies and low calorie options to start my day. The Treehouse staff has helped me to lose more than 30 pounds in the last four months, bringing me into compliance with military regulations and feeling much better overall. TAC has truly been a blessing in my life. It affords me quick access and short travel time between my home and work,” says White.

Treehouse Athletic Club is about health and wellness, not about image. It really is a small town, homegrown business. And because it is small, the staff notices if someone has not come for a while.

“If you are looking for social accountability, this is the place because you are going to be noticed for your hard work. You don’t slip through the cracks so easily,” says Frogley. It is a great place to get healthy, make friends, and be a part of the Draper community.