The Porsche 911

When you purchase a 911, 
you’re purchasing a legend.

For some, driving is a simply a way to get from point A to point B. For them, any car will do. For others, driving is a burning desire—ambition, adventure, compulsion to achieve, a metaphor for life itself. That’s you. And this is your car.

Those three numerals: 9-1-1… You can’t help but feel the urgency. And that’s before you sit in the cockpit and fire up that raging lion of an engine and feel your pulse race. That’s before you slam it into gear, press your right foot against the accelerator and feel the g-forces take hold.

We could talk about specs, but what’s the point? Do you really need to know how much horsepower is coursing through this beating heart? Or do you just need to see that logo, get behind the wheel, and feel it for yourself? A drive is worth a million words.

Sure, we could talk about the wheelbase, the sound system or something as insignificant as gas mileage (heaven forbid). Obviously, the details are impressive—but we don’t want to insult you. After all, this is the Porsche 911 we’re talking about. Do you really need us to convert you?

No, Porsche is a lifestyle. It’s romance… power. It’s burning up the Autobahn and laughing as you fly by the also-rans in the slow lane. It’s vacationing on the Riviera without a care in the world. It’s knowing when to work—with a passion that almost borders on vengeance—and when to play—with take-no-prisoners delight.

Porsche is history. It’s now. It’s the future. When you own one you know you’ve arrived. Then again, why would you ever want to do something like that? Why not keep driving—keep pushing? Life has too many summits—too many hairpin turns—to ever want to stop. Leave the well-worn thoroughfares for somebody else. Take the road less driven.

People say life isn’t a race. Don’t trust those people. Not that you ever would—you know they’re not going anywhere. It’s time to go beyond—toward your goals, toward your dreams, toward what’s next. In a word, to win.

Choose a Porsche 911. There are 21 models in all. So what’s your personality? Actually, we think we already know. You’ve read this far, so what are you waiting for? Your Porsche awaits. It’s time to write yourself into legend.