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La Belle Vie brings new model to healthcare

As a lifelong oil painter, Kelly Lance paints portraits that capture her subject’s natural beauty. So it was no surprise that she brought that artistic perspective to her work as well.

Lance is the owner of La Belle Vie Medical Care and Aesthetics practice in Draper that offers a unique, personalized approach to beauty and healthcare.

“My philosophy is that we are all aging. How we age is optional. Rather than the overdone look, let’s work with your own natural beauty. A customized approach can take years off the person with a refreshed natural look,” she says.

At the same time, Lance wants her customers to feel beautiful on the inside too, so La Belle Vie also provides primary care to help address and treat issues that stand in the way of good health. “We get to take care of people inside and out.”

La Belle Vie, which means “the beautiful life” in French, offers a selection of non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetics procedures, including medical grade facial peels, Botox injections, fillers and radio frequency ablative services, all of which are done by trained medical staff.

“Many people are searching for non-surgical approaches for that fountain of youth,” says Lance, who notes surgery has down time and can be expensive.

Lance desires to provide a new approach to beauty and health care. As a family nurse practitioner and a nurse for over 30 years, she remembers a time when doctors knew their patients and took the time to listen.

“This is my clinic and I operate it the way I want,” says Lance, who lives in Draper. That means friendly, personalized care where communication is key and patients wait little or no time for appointments. The nurse practitioners at the practice take a “holistic approach to each patient,” says Lance, looking at their diet, exercise regimen, home life and health background.

“People talk and we give them the time that they need,” Lance says.

Karin, a 65-year-old Herriman resident, says she visited several medi-spas and medical facilities over the years for both facial treatments and healthcare and remained unimpressed until she found La Belle Vie. She immediately liked La Belle Vie’s friendly atmosphere.

“At so many places they come in with their computer and only look at you occasionally,” she notes. The La Belle Vie staff, “is friendly, looks you in the eye, and asks questions and listens.” On the beauty front, she appreciates how they suggest beauty treatments, but not insist upon them. She’s been so impressed that she sends her husband in for his yearly check-up.

Besides the regular beauty treatments, Lance is excited to offer cutting-edge technologies in skin and body care procedures. These include KYBELLA, which reduces fat below the chin.

La Belle Vie recently purchased a new machine, which offers dermal skin remodeling deep within the skin to revive and rejuvenate the natural production of new collagen and elastin. The treatment triggers the skin’s natural healing process, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne and scars in all skin types. La Belle Vie will use the PRP treatment upon request.

La Belle Vie is geared to offering skin and health care for any age and any skin type. Lance says many teenagers come along with their mothers for acne treatment. More men are visiting the clinic as well to get what Lance calls “Bro-tox” injections, KYBELLA, and treatments to replace volume in their cheeks. Men, she notes, are very concerned about their skin care.

Lance says her clinic and staff pride themselves in caring for each patient as an individual. “A lot of our patients are our friends…they feel like family,” she says, and the staff make a follow-up text or call to patients after their visit.

Everyone at La Belle Vie agrees that the best part of their job is helping people reach their healthy ideal and seeing people leave the clinic transformed—looking and feeling 10-15 years younger.

“People walk out of here overwhelmed with joy,” says Lance. “That’s what I love. This is my happy place to be.”