Brightening Up 123rd South 10

Draper FlowerPros Bring 
Colorful Creations to Town

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare.

Here in town, it translates to a free flower…if your name happens to appear on the Draper FlowerPros’ sign out front.

“It is a fun, positive thing we do,” says co-owner James Belcher, about his shop on 123rd South which advertises “Free Flower if Your Name is Matt”… or Sue… or Ann… or Jack.

Each week his staff draws a name from a jar and puts it on the sign. “Passersby, especially children, love spotting their name,” says Belcher.  “Most surprisingly, however, is how popular the sign is with male customers. They usually claim the free flower for a special someone.”

Belcher and his cousin Holly McMahon bought Draper FlowerPros a year ago and run it as a family business. They lasso their children to help and employ the PR services of his sociable shih tzu, Ruby. “If members of our staff aren’t family, we treat them as such,” he adds.

Belcher has been making floral arrangements since high school, creating wedding bouquets under the tutelage of a designer who encouraged his creativity and strong work ethic. Following an LDS mission, he continued in the floral industry, won the FTD Designer of the Year award, and helped operate the family-run Flowers on Main in Lehi for 13 years before co-purchasing in Draper.

The brightly decorated shop specializes in everyday and special occasion arrangements. They do a big business in corsages and boutonnières for nearby high schools. Valentine’s Day and summer weddings keep them hopping.

Belcher takes pride in their high-quality, colorful selection of roses, orchids and tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, torch ginger, anthurium, and leis from Hawaii. In warmer months, garden baskets grace the storefront.

Belcher believes the bountiful selection sets his shop apart, along with their emphasis on keeping the “fresh” in the flower.

“I am always amazed when I hear people say they don’t like flowers or don’t want roses in an arrangement because they die too quickly. But flowers, if treated correctly, will last.”

Through buying directly from farmers and years of experience in handling flowers, Draper FlowerPros’ flowers flourish. Belcher experiments with methods to maintain freshness and enjoys educating customers on his findings.

They handle special requests, too, including themed wedding arrangements and special memorabilia bouquets. These one-of-a-kind creations have included a centerpiece saddle in a funeral spray and blooms formed into a fish shape.

Belcher’s favorite arrangements are those which can employ his creativity unreservedly. “The customer doesn’t need to have a sky’s-the-limit budget, either,” he adds. “I find joy in everything I make.”

“Flowers are for the moment,” he says, “… a time when words won’t do justice. And, they make people feel good. Scientific studies have backed that claim up,” he says.  “Flowers are simply positive and emotionally healthy!”