Top Four Steps to Secure Your Financial Future 5

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reach financial goals

In our 25 years of helping clients simplify their financial lives and reach their goals, we have found a few common steps that clients take that make them successful. While everyone’s situation is unique, the vast majority of people could benefit from taking these steps.

Securing Adequate Insurance Coverages

It makes no sense to accumulate substantial wealth if you have not protected it in the case of something going wrong. You should look at getting life insurance as soon as there is someone depending on you and/or risk involved if you should pass away (for example: mortgages, raising kids, business debt, etc.). Insurance coverages should be reviewed on a regular basis. New debts, or additional kids, might warrant getting more insurance. The majority of people should look at term insurance as opposed to whole and variable life insurance products.

Depending on your personal circumstances, other insurance coverages such as long term care and disability are important as well.

We have seen families devastated by a spouse not getting enough insurance. The surviving spouse and children live a very different and more difficult life than the departed spouse had ever hoped or planned for.

Have a Specific Plan

Like most worthwhile pursuits, it is hard to end up successful without first creating a plan to get there. The main financial goal that most people share is to have enough money to live a comfortable and secure retirement. Currently, 36% of all adults have no retirement savings at all, and 8 out of 10 do not have enough saved. We help our clients decide what their personal retirement number is to live their retirement dream, and then create a plan to get there. We have found that creating and sticking to an individual plan empowers our clients to know they are on their way to a successful retirement. This allows them to stay disciplined through market storms like the one we are currently going through.

Part of this plan entails hiring a good team of advisors that will work together to ensure this plan comes to fruition. The earlier a plan is created in someone’s life, the better the chance they will have of future success.

Start as Early as Possible

A person who starts saving and investing early has a few advantages. The first is that they get in the habit of living below their means and putting money away for their future. This discipline benefits them in their life and gives them peace of mind knowing they are on their way to achieving their goals. The second is that they allow compound returns to have more time to work for them before they retire.

The earlier someone starts saving and investing, the less they will have to save over their life to reach their retirement number.

Pay Yourself First

This might be the most important step of all, and it is both an actual step and a mindset. Financially successful people look at saving and investing for their future as just as important as their monthly bills they have to pay. 
They will contribute to their investments first and then use the remaining money to live their life.

A few years ago, we sat down with a new employee who was thinking about enrolling in their company 401k plan that we managed. After getting to know this younger woman, we asked how much money she had in her bank account at the end of each month. Her answer was unfortunately common, $0. We explained this “pay yourself first” principle, and she decided to start contributing a little money. After one year, we met with her again and although she still had no money left at the end of each month, she had $1,200 saved for her future in her 401k.


Far too many people are unprepared for retirement. They haven’t taken, or thought about, the steps that lead to a successful retirement. We take great pride in building deep personal relationships with our clients and helping them to simplify their financial lives and reach their financial goals. These steps are a great place to start to make sure you are on your way. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation today.