Making a house 
a home.

May marks Draper Lifestyle magazine’s first birthday.

Which means we’ve been around for a year. 

And what a year!

We’ve gone through many changes, met so many people and generally, just had a really fun ride. We’ve acquired writers and photographers, switched up publishers, and tried really earnestly to come into our own. I have loved being a part of this; I hope you have too.

Our cover this month features a masterpiece of a quilt, made by small second-grade hands from Draper Elementary, rendered and pieced using watercolor, permanent marker and fabric, that depicts landmarks from around our town.

I really like this quilt.

Because I really like the idea of Draper as the muse.

It’s sort of what I’ve been thinking this past year: that the place inspires the work. That Draper—and its people and stories—inspires every page in the magazine. Every article idea, every photograph and hopefully, every subsequent conversation and friendship is simply because of a shared interest in and love of our community.

At Draper Elementary’s Art night, standing guard next to this gorgeous quilt was a description that said this:

Just as a community depends on its citizens working together

to create a beautiful place to live, this quilt is one masterpiece

made up of small but truly important pieces.

And that’s what this magazine is like—a collection of small, important pieces of our community fashioned together each month to tell this ongoing story. Our story.

Thank you for being a part of it,

Brooke Benton, Editor