How Smart Home Technology Will Eliminate the Need for Keys

Siri, turn the kitchen lights off!

Technology is changing our world every day. We’re just beginning to wrap our heads around the countless things the internet makes possible. In the next 18-24 months, we’re going to see some pretty amazing inventions come to market. Smart homes, smart kitchens, smart appliances, smart cabinets… smart everything! No doubt about it, the “smartification” of the world is coming. It’s just the way the “the market” and the evolution of technology is moving. But these advances in technology don’t need to be feared; they’re about to make our lives easier.

What if you could unlock your front door simply by using your voice? Thanks to smart home technology, you already can! Imagine for a second that both hands are full because you are carrying your baby in one arm and groceries in the other. You don’t even have a free hand available to fumble for your keys. No problem, just tell your phone to unlock the front door!

Taking that one step further, lets say that your family just flew in for Christmas, (and Utahn’s have BIG families) but you are stuck in traffic and won’t get home in time to let them in. Grandma Edna is already on her way in an Uber and you don’t want her waiting outside in the cold until you get home. Wouldn’t it be great to just send them a temporary “e-key” to unlock the door and go inside? You could even specify that their e-key is only valid only for the three days they’re in town. After that, the key would expire. You could literally be sitting on the beach in Hawaii and say “Siri, unlock my front door.” Talk about a gamechanger!

What if you could turn on your kitchen lights and turn the heat up two degrees simply by walking into the kitchen? Sounds pretty futuristic and far-fetched, right?

Wrong. Thanks to smart home technology, this is already a reality. If you haven’t heard about the August Smart Lock yet, you will. Especially since August teamed up with Apple to integrate their smart tech with Siri. That’s right, you can control your smart home devices with your voice through Siri.

In 2014, August released the August Smart Lock, an amazing smart home device that could eventually make keys obsolete. The lock is controlled by an app on your phone, which allows you (or whoever you grant access to) to lock and unlock your door. The smart lock comes in a few different colors to match the style of your home, and allows you to keep your current door hardware. The smart lock attaches to the interior-side of the deadbolt lock and is not noticeable from the exterior side of the door. From the outside, no one can see that you have a smart lock installed.

To compliment the Smart lock, August has the Smart Doorbell Cam, so you can see and communicate with someone on your front porch, even when you’re not home. It will even act as a smart security camera by giving you on-demand video access through the August app, or by sending you notifications on your phone whenever it detects motion. When someone comes to your door, a one-way video will pop up on your phone through the August app. You have the option to tap a button to let them in, or tell them to scram!

“But what if I lose my phone? Won’t I be locked out?” Nope. If you accidentally leave both your phone at work, you can just use your key to unlock your Smart Lock the old fashioned way. Special e-keys can be made for either repeated use, temporary use, or one-time use, meaning you can give your house cleaner an e-key that expires 4 hours later after being used just once, all while maintaining a permanent e-key for you and your family.

Smart home technology can even help your home sell faster too, since no one else really has it yet. It’s a great, inexpensive way to create a “wow factor” for potential buyers and separate your home from the competition. The next couple years will see many new advances in technology and social media. If you’re at all like me, you’re excited to see what comes next. Buckle up!