Where Do You Hide Your Treats? 3

The true art of motherhood is unwrapping a Snickers bar 
without getting caught

The witching hour at our house is about two hours before dinner. It is also about the time that I sneak off to my ingenuous hiding spot to retrieve a much needed treat. Hey, with six kids, I have earned it! It might be some cheap, hard candy, a cherished cookie, or maybe a Diet Dr. Pepper. Like any astute mom, my treats have to be carefully concealed or they vanish. My stash is still a secret because I hide it low, like in the drawer beneath the oven or on the ground behind the pantry door. My kids never pick anything up, so why in the world would they ever look down? Moms, where do you hide your treats? By Kelly Erickson

“Several places because they find it and I have to find new places. I rotate. There is a drawer next to my bed and then a high, high closet where I need a ladder to get it. But I try not to have treats. If I do, it’s a See’s Chocolate box.” -Elisa Seely

“My closet behind my clothes and sometimes in the trunk of the car. I really don’t remember too well because my kids stole all of my brain cells.” -Stephanie Christensen

“Just in my closet because you know, it’s close if you need it.” -Marsha Vawdrey

“Honestly, either in the cabinet above the fridge or behind a box of crackers, boring places. There is a cup in my medicine cabinet. They aren’t allowed in there. But then even I forgot they were there.” -Janet Hiatt

“I hide my treats in the pantry in a bin marked Candles. Nobody is interested in candles. -Kayleen England

“I asked my kids if they know where I hide my treats (the top shelf of the pantry) and they all know. I’ve got to find a new spot!” -Lindsey Moffat

“I’m in my car a lot with the carpool or waiting for kids, so I usually keep a few treats hidden in the side slot of the driver’s side door. None of my kids drive yet so they never find them.” -Kacey Perry