Smiles Beyond the Rest 11

Cook Orthodontics 
Provides One-of-a-Kind 
Personalized Care

When Dr. Michael Cook was in dental school, he purchased a very important website domain name: He’d observed many orthodontic practices turning into investor-owned corporate offices, losing their ability to extend a personal touch. Although Dr. Cook was only partway through his advanced education, he dreamed of someday providing ultra-personalized orthodontic care—he’d treat his patients like family.

Today, his two thriving Utah offices do just that.

“My patients become like family,” Dr. Cook says. “The question that goes through my mind is, ‘If this were a family member, what would I do for them?’ Once you have that mindset, all your decisions are based on what would be best for the patient. We’re patient-centered. We’re not the biggest outfit in town, but our services are customized and unique. We’re about getting quality smiles for individuals.”

For Dr. Cook, creating an orthodontic practice that stands above the rest has been no small feat. After earning his bachelor’s degree in medical biology at the University of Utah, he spent four years in dental school, then two years in a prestigious orthodontic and oral biology program. And he didn’t stop there. Next, he earned his certification through the American Board of Orthodontics—a claim only a quarter of orthodontists can make.

And today, he continues to set himself apart. Dr. Cook dedicates two days a week as a clinical research consultant, where he delves into the latest innovations in orthodontics. This means his patients benefit from the cutting-edge technology that has been proven to be successful.

“For about seven years I’ve been associated with an orthodontic manufacturing company called Ultradent,” Dr. Cook says. “They manufacture products for the orthodontic and dental industry. They create products that are manufactured and used in clinics throughout the country and world. In our clinic we test those products. We find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to make those products better. My clinical experience at Ultradent has allowed me to gain a vast amount of experience with treating difficult cases as well as adult patients, which some orthodontists shy away from.”

Also, Dr. Cook travels the country—and in some cases, the world—both lecturing other orthodontists on specialized topics and benefiting from continuing education courses.

“I want to be as educated and qualified as possible,” Dr. Cook says. “It’s worth it for me to spend the extra time and extra money to improve the care I provide—doing research, getting the American Board certification. This translates to satisfied patients. I feel the most fulfilled when a new patient experiences the immense difference in the care they receive at our office and they can’t wait to tell a friend about us.”

Also, Dr. Cook has found that by continuing to research and educate himself, his patients benefit directly.

“When you have newer, better technology, it makes the patients’ treatments easier,” Dr. Cook says. “When you’re using lasers instead of cutting into gums, for example, it’s painless for the patient.”

And unlike many other orthodontists, Dr. Cook takes the conservative route when determining a treatment plan for his patients.

“It’s nice for patients to know they can trust us,” Dr. Cook says. “Because I plan well and use the science end of things, we’re going from point A to point B efficiently. Every patient is not going to need braces. We try to do things as efficiently as possible, and if we can cut down the number of visits and the cost for you, we will. It’s different here.”