Style By Dani's Packing Picks 15

Seven Pieces 
for Seven Days—
The Method

Who wants to lug around a heavy bag while on vacation? Packing efficiently is all about great planning. The set below includes enough pieces for dressy or casual occasions, warm days, cool nights and 12-15 different outfit options. You may even be able to take that small bag–you know, the one that fits in the overhead. Which means you won’t have to wait and wait for your bag after you get to your destination. Which means you can start sipping piña coladas that much sooner!

Seven Pieces for Seven Days–The Method

1. Find a source of inspiration–a pattern of colors in a print, stripe or plaid–to inspire the color scheme of your cluster. We used Luxe Couture Fashion Boutique’s red and white striped tee to inspire our patriotic holiday vacation.

2. Plan for five to eight easy pieces of clothing, at least three top and two bottom pieces. This set includes a jacket, dress, two more tops and two bottoms from H&M.

3. Select pieces that are basic–simple in style lines and shape.

4. Select pieces that go together–will work with at least three, four or more other pieces. Every piece in this group can be worn together.

5. Select pieces that are distinctly different from one another (no two pieces alike) for maximum versatility. For example, you can wear the shirt unbuttoned over the dress and knotted at the waist or buttoned and layered over the tank with shorts.

6. Select accessories to go with the clothes, beginning with essential basic accessories first. Comfortable shoes are a must on vacation. Red sneakers are from Luxe Boutique, sandals from FitFlop.

7. Finally, throw in a swimsuit (this one is from, pjs, underwear, essential grooming items, a couple of books, sunscreen and you’re ready for piña coladas!