The Art of Staying Close to Home

I am constantly beguiled by Trip Advisor. Hipmunk tempts too, and alerts set to destinations all over the world fill my inbox on a weekly basis and get me sidetracked and dreamy about vacations—dreamy about a simple “somewhere else.”

Because… well, because I love leaving. I love packing up and saying sayonara to the house (thelaundrythedishesthetodolist) and finding myself—that lovely, relaxed, unfettered self—somewhere along the way.

Except not as much in the summer. Summer seems to me the only time I’m not scheming to escape. I mean, I’m still scheming, but the plans are less desperate and more utilitarian: See as many cousins as possible! See as many siblings as possible! Make this beautiful, unscheduled day count!

It’s like the hot, sun-soaked month has seeped lazy into my bones. And I can’t do much and I can’t go too far, even as I feel compelled to eke out the most of this fleeting season.

And, I kinda, sorta, really love Draper in July. The long magic evenings, the endless fireworks, lemonade stands on every corner. Literally. You should see my neighborhood.

This month we highlight some of the best parts of these mid-summer days by sticking close to home: a couple of quick getaways, and Draper Days—including some of the people (and animals!) who make it happen.

Happy July, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor