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Miss Draper’s Platform: You-Love-You

By Sage Nielsen

Hi! My name is Sage Nielsen. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be the new Miss Draper, as it has been my dream for many years. The pageant would not have been possible without the support from Draper City as well as my amazing directors–Lisa Armstrong, Stefani Walker, Maridene Alexander and many others. My first attendant is Hannah Caplin, and my sister-queen is Rachel Parkinson, Miss Draper’s Outstanding Teen. I look forward to getting to know them better in our year of service.

I’m a dorky 17-year-old who loves to laugh and tell people jokes. Most of the time I think my jokes are funnier than other people do. I’m currently employed at the Draper In-N-Out Burger, and I’ll be a senior at Corner Canyon High School this fall. I’m really excited for an eventful summer doing things I love such as hiking, running, public speaking and enjoying the company of my family and friends. In the meantime I will stay busy polishing my piano, interview and healthy lifestyle skills for the Miss Utah pageant in June 2017.

This year I will be promoting my platform, You-Love-You, throughout Draper. Self-empowerment is very important because the second you become aware of your potential, your dreams are that much closer to becoming realities. I feel very strongly about this because recently I learned to not only accept myself, but to embrace and magnify characteristics (even the quirky ones) that make me who I am. My three tools to self-empowerment are: positive thinking, self-love and goal setting. By applying these simple steps you can conquer hard things and reach your full potential. I’m eager to share my message to help people of all ages feel more confident in themselves and in their future.

Draper is such an amazing city and it has so much to offer. I am very honored and proud to help represent the outstanding people here. Thank you for your support!

The Little Mermaid

Studio Kids presented The Little Mermaid at Summit Academy Junior High in June. Kids spent a week immersed in rehearsals and art projects before the final show. Studio Kids programs are designed to allow each child to have their moment to shine. The focus is not on creating a few star participants, but about creating a safe and fun environment for all participants to experience star moments. Productions resume in the fall.

Turning Point Centers New Residential and Mental Health Facility

Turning Point Centers is excited to announce the addition of a new residential and mental health treatment facility that will be adjacent to an existing location off Dimple Dell Road in Sandy. The new 10,000 square foot facility will house 16 adult clients who typically stay anywhere from 30 to 90 days. During that time clients focus on treating their addictions by identifying the underlying mental health issues that cause substance abuse. The company has enjoyed doing business in the Sandy/Draper area since 2007 and treats over 300 individuals per year, with over 50% of clients coming from the surrounding area. According to CEO Chris Mackintosh, the new facility “will play a vital role in helping families suffering with the current epidemic in our community, largely driven by over-prescribing of controlled substances and the availability of street drugs like heroin.” The new facility is scheduled to open in October. You can visit their website at

Anderson & Goff Mortuary Open House

The new Anderson & Goff Mortuary, located on the border of Sandy and Draper at 11859 S 700 East, is hosting an open house on Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. With a long history of family ownership, Chad Anderson eventually purchased the business and he and his staff–including Del Ballard, Mike Anderson, Richard Call, Gary Barber, Tracy Sargent, Isaac Nielsen and Peggy Gardner–are committed to providing professional, personal services at a delicate time of need.

Draper Ham Radio Association

By Kelly Erickson

At the top of Suncrest, the Draper Ham Radio Association participated in the annual American Radio Relay League National Field Day on Saturday, June 25. The purpose was to set up a radio station and talk to the world completely off grid. The station operated solely on solar and battery power with the intent of practicing for worst-case scenarios. For instance, if a massive earthquake hit, HAM radio operators would be able to keep vital communication channels open with the outside world using high frequency (HF) and UHF/VHF radios. HF radios bounce off the atmosphere and enable global communication. The other radios are for line of sight. During the day, HF radios are limited to the western United States because of noise, but can reach much farther at night. By late night, they had reached every corner of the USA and parts of Canada.rickso

Anyone can become a licensed operator by taking a test administered by the FCC. It is illegal to operate a radio without a license and the FCC does police the airwaves. But this labor of love by these Draper residents serves our community well and helps us stay prepared for any unforeseen disasters.

New Boys Basketball Coach at CCHS

Some of Corner Canyon’s hoops players might recognize their new coach, Dan Lunt, from their previous encounters with Payson high school’s team. In March, Payson defeated the Chargers in a 4A first-round game. Lunt, who was head coach at Payson for 23 years, became Corner Canyon’s head coach in May. Off the field, Lunt will be teaching cabinetry and physical education classes. The storied coach expects a strong work ethic and commitment from his players—in return, he is prepared to help the team succeed. “One of my main goals is to prepare young men for life,” Lunt said.