Homegrown Passion

The thing about this Homegrown Issue is that it’s full of locals who are passionate about what they do:

A guy who designs skateboards by the gut, a realtor who flies his clients around, people who deliver our children then champion them into their future. (Different people.) Educators, investors, beekeepers, local food purveyors, artisans.

On a hike this summer I was crossing a stretch of what was basically rocks—big rocks covered in loose rocks, and rocks as far as the eye could see. Along the worn [rock] path, purple flowers burst out in posy-sized bundles between the cracks. Obviously: a metaphor for life—all the goodness about blooming where you’re planted—but what struck me more was that the flowers were so pretty. At that moment, lugging a pack, walking in the sun, I felt gratitude at their loveliness, gratitude at their color, gratitude that they were there.

The flowers were like the people in these pages: passionate, productive Draperites who add color and loveliness to our community.

Which makes me pause. What color do I add? Do I have a passion?

Because I’m hiding in my bed writing this, and I’m eating dark chocolate covered almonds one by one. For the foodie and romantic: they are dusted with “Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.” For the literal: they are not “homegrown.” Not even close. They are simply from a big box store and sport a generic label. And this feels at once ironic and also about all I can do.

I swallow comfort with my almonds that, right now, as the evening closes in and the children are circling, this is as homegrown as it gets. And it came about as organically as possible, because I am a mom with a deadline, mid-summer.

Ahem. And a forgetful one at that.

Last month a Wi-Fi problem caused an editing glitch and left out Miss Draper’s name from our magazine. For the record: it’s Sage Nielsen. And in this issue she wrote a darling article about her platform in our Around Town section. She too is a girl with passion.

Go read that now and,
Happy August!

Brooke Benton, Editor