Making a Difference for Life 1

Farmers Insurance Agency in Draper Sponsors High School Award Winner

Family is the central focus for the student led Family, Career and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA. More than 202,825 members in 48 states through 12th grade exemplify the motto, “Toward New Horizons,” as part of the curriculum within the school system in Family and Consumer Sciences education.

Paul McGarrell’s Farmers Insurance Inc. in Draper is honored to sponsor Holly Camas as Utah’s FCCLA state finalist for her trip to FCCLA’s National Leadership Conference in San Diego in July. This conference gives members from across the country a chance to gather and network with fellow members, attend program workshops, leadership sessions and compete in events. Camas, a Davis High School student, greatly helped her family through obtaining citizenship for her mother in the United States winning her first place and gold in the FCCLA’s Interpersonal Communications STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) event category. Camas is the first person from her family to graduate high school and the first to go to college attending Weber State in the fall. Camas says, “The FCCLA helps you be the best you can be and I am grateful it has helped me become the person I am today.” Paul McGarrell’s Farmers Insurance Agency and the Draper community wish Holly and the other members competing at the national level all the best as well as in their future endeavors.

As a previous member of her high school’s FCCLA chapter, current FCCLA Business and Industrial Representative for the State of Utah and National Board of Directors, Chelsy Judd, with Paul McGarrell’s Farmers Insurance Agency, knows how amazing the FCCLA is and the value of informing the Draper community on this organization. Judd says, “I guarantee FCCLA is the only organization preparing the student as a whole, that teaches them what they will need in life, and where they learn how to balance it all.”

Like Judd, FCCLA is near and dear to Charri Jensen’s heart as the chapter advisor at Corner Canyon High School; the largest chapter in the state with 199 members in 2015-16. Jensen comments, “When involved in FCCLA, you better yourself as a person serving, initiating and carrying out a plan while learning the value of work. We hope students participate in all aspects of FCCLA, but they may simply attend monthly activities to get to know others and have fun.”

FCCLA allows for participation at local, state and national levels. Hannah Caplin and Britton Nielsen, CCHS students, focused on “Advocacy” to change international adoption laws. They served in orphanages, learned about the difficulty many couples in the U.S. experience with laws and governments preventing international and interracial adoptions, met with lawyers, used social media, and lobbied for open adoption. Their presentation won at the state level and second at nationals.

Tiffany Casey, Brook Ryser and Rachel Miner of CCHS worked on a yearlong campaign, “Don’t Drive Stupid.” The campaign was presented to the student body, students signed a wrecked car pledging to not text and drive, lunchtime activities were held, a Christmas tree was decorated with ornaments remembering those killed for unsafe driving, and they discussed it with the Lieutenant Governor. They won a buckle-up contest, $1,000 from the State and Zero Fatalities at the State level and at Nationals.

Former Miss Draper, Bryn Garfield and Kelsey Blaser Clark, both went on to compete in the Miss Utah pageant using their STAR events as platforms.

Kaelia Owens, Julia Pacheco and Mallory Beckstrom worked in the community for any pay raising $3,000 for charity leading to a state win and nationals in Washington, D.C. last year. Owens and Brandon Galli planned and budgeted to make and donate baby blankets for Primary Children’s Hospital.

As a team, Jensen and Co-Advisor Katelyn Grinder along with 15 Officers, plan to introduce FCCLA to the community. They want everyone to become a part of FCCLA to change lives for the better. Jensen says, “I have seen the shy quiet student stand up in front of classes and address topics they believe in and students who feel they do not fit in make friends and become involved. FCCLA has changed me and I hope to help it change others.”

FCCLA is about making right choices, recognizing as students they hold the key to doing great things and becoming leaders and members of families and communities which are all critical for their success and will last a lifetime.