The Real Estate Aviator 6

Even to the most remote properties in all 
of Utah, he will fly you there.

A small regional airport might seem like an odd place to go if you are looking to purchase property, but not if you’re meeting Mark Apuna there, a luxury real estate agent with Utah Best Real Estate Team and Century 21 Everest. Apuna could be considered the most unique real estate agent in all of Utah because he likes to show his clients neighborhoods and mountain retreats from 10,000 feet in a Cirrus Turbo SR22 or SR20 4-seater airplane.

Mark Apuna is an accomplished, licensed pilot who has been flying his entire life. He comes from a strong pedigree of aviators. His father and two uncles all flew F-16s and A-10s and his father now teaches bush flying in Alaska, even training military pilots on how to do off-field landings on sand bars, gravel bars and other wilderness areas. Apuna learned from the very best ever since childhood and really has the flying chops. An airplane is his second home.

With an unbridled passion for flying, Apuna has been able to utilize his love of aviation to fuel his second love of real estate. At no extra cost to Apuna’s pre-approved clients, they are given a VIP treatment like no other. I was treated to this VIP service, with a sample flight that included breathtaking views of Herriman and the Kennecott Mines, followed by an incredibly smooth landing. By using an airplane as a means of selling real estate, Apuna absolutely relishes this type of client interaction. He knows that he is building unforgettable relationships with people who are in the market to buy a luxury home, a second home, or a mountain retreat. And the thing that is an absolute top priority for him is the relationships and friendships he makes along the way.

“The deal is always second. The relationship is what I really want to focus on and build. The transactions will take care of themselves.”

And those transactions have been very rewarding for him. He takes people up in the air to see properties and really get a big picture view of what they may be buying. In many instances, people may not really know what they are buying if they are purchasing a remote mountain property. It takes a lot to hike up and around things. In the air he can show them everything quickly in a way that a regular agent cannot.

“I showed a couple of properties to a client. One was in Beaver and another one was at Strawberry Reservoir. I flew the guy over them. At Strawberry Reservoir, the agent actually picked us up, but before we landed, we flew over the property first and I took a bunch of pictures because it was more than 500 acres. You just can’t see all of that from a car properly. When we landed, the client knew exactly where he wanted to go and look. We knew more stuff about it than the selling agent. From the Beaver property, we could see three different lakes from the air. He could see it all in 15 minutes. It is a neat deal. The cool thing about it is if clients are looking for mountain properties, or a place in St. George, or Moab, we can jump on a plane and get down there fairly quickly, rent a car or get picked up, and then be back up to the Salt Lake Valley the same day.”

Mark Apuna is part of a strong real estate team headed by his partner Nikki Nunez. Nunez started in real estate in 2007 and was savvy enough to navigate through the real estate crash of 2008. She has the acumen to know how to adjust and stay flexible in a very competitive market. Nunez and her team offer something very special that really sets them apart from other agents because of the airplanes.

“There are no other real estate agencies that offer this service.” Nunez notes.

“Most of the time, people forget who their agent is and they don’t keep up with each other when the transaction is completed. But people don’t forget a real estate agent who flies them around in a Cirrus,” says Apuna. “This is an experience.”

Apuna, Nunez, and her Utah Best Real Estate Team at Century 21 Everest are ready to soar high above the rest helping Draper residents find the perfect property, giving clients an exceptional and memorable buying experience they are likely to never forget.