Making a house 
a home.

September brings with it Draper Lifestyle’s Food Issue, adorned and decorated with lovely–and drool worthy–food photography and ample adjectives about deliciousness. Incidentally, piecing this issue together had me hungry every step of the way.

Admittedly, the phrase “food issue” makes me think of something larger than a magazine about food–but that’s really just saying a lot about myself and one of my own “food issues,” which happens to be bread. I really love bread. Like, a “have fond memories that include my childhood and baguettes” type of love. But I feel immense guilt for this love of bread and feel compelled at all turns (and tabletops) to avoid it.

So it was with great relief and pure joy that I read “Breaducation.” And got schooled about the truths in certain bread–that they are limited to whole, natural ingredients, and that locally, Great Harvest knows where every piece of wheat comes from and how much protein content lies therein. Just the word protein makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation.

And really, that’s something to break bread over.

Happy September my friends,

Brooke Benton, Editor