Guild Hall's Picks for Tabletop Beauty 7

Decorative accessories! What’s not to love? You can give any room in your home or office a quick and cost effective update by simply switching out your accessories. And like fine furnishings, accessories don’t require a long term commitment. In fact you can love them or leave them after a single season! Sticking to a few investment neutrals such as nice lamps will allow you to change out other items by season or to change up the color palate and update the decor to follow the current trend.

For the past several years the interior design trend toward natural materials and colors has continued to grow. This trend has permeated paint colors, linens, fabrics, lighting. Sleek metallic finishes enhance the cleaner lines and more natural materials. For decorative accessories this has created a fresh and modern alternative to the heavy woods and more rustic metal materials that were popular over the past decade. Table top accessories are more simple, and less busy. But whether you are a design purist or prefer the eclectic approach, your accessories express your personality and style. When accessorizing it is essential to keep table top surfaces neat and uncluttered. Utilizing varying heights and textures in your collections is a must and a good rule of thumb is decorating in threes. Using, books, botanicals or greenery and items of varying scale and height will create an interesting and balanced table top.