January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Publishing lead times mean that as I write this, the leaves are almost finished falling but the sun is still shining and the sky is a brilliant cloudless blue. It is, quite frankly, just gorgeous.

I know this sky exists in January, but sometimes it’s hard to see.
That often-gunky inversion coupled with the post-holidays hangover and the next thing to look forward to as far off as spring break can make this time of year especially hard to cope with and downright dreary. This issue is our attempt at an antidote to that, our attempt at a bright spot: a bit of sunshine, a bit of blue sky, a bit of hope and motivation.

What does “Wellness” mean to you? How do you achieve it? These are questions we posed to people in our community who are striving for that balance—striving to be whole and feel their best—mind, body and spirit. For me, wellness is achieved by getting outside every day, no matter the weather. Heading up the mountains (up and out of the inversion) I seem to hike up and out of every possible bad thing that might bog me down. And nothing is better for my heart than stepping into a bona fide winter wonderland. When people are surprised at how often I hike in the snow, I always reply that the snowy wilderness is closer than it looks, and that the trails are easier to navigate than you think.. all it takes is that first step.

And maybe that’s true about all things in January—that though the first step along a new path in the new year might seem daunting, it’s true that you can do it. It’s with this in mind that Draper Lifestyle and several trainers from businesses around our community are launching a “New Year, New You” fitness program. We will be selecting participants to work with professionals for 90 days and we will record it in the magazine for the whole community to be inspired by. The fun starts on page 22.

This issue also showcases some sunshiney feel-good stories, from the high profile Alex Boye to a band of behind the scenes angels—ladies hard at work on some really impressive “girl power.” They are all people who make our little town—and the world at large—a brighter place to be.

Finally, when the dreary indoor doldrums seem too much to bear, head out this winter with a fun way to warm up. Three local high schoolers—from each of the different high schools in our community—lead the way on page 34.

Happy January, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor