The Law of The Harvest: 
You Reap What You Sow

It is just before Christmas when I visit the Rasmussens at their home. Mary’s glasses sparkle with the reflection of Christmas tree lights and her husband, Jeff, is stretched out on the couch, relaxed and candid as he details their memories of the past 40 years. They are delightful and warm, and I feel a surge of gratitude at the impact Rasmussen Farms has had in our community.

It’s a fanciful notion, but I wonder if their spirit has imbued something in our Draper soil, as we seem to be a place that grows workers who grow their own businesses.

Because in addition to the Rasmussens, in this issue we profile three young entrepreneurs and their creative companies. All stories equally inspiring and almost bookends to each other, as Rasmussen considers closing up shop on the farm, and Arvo, EVO and Make+Master are just beginning to burgeon, youthful and current. It’s a testament to time and how things are changing, and testament to something that Jeff Rasmussen said to me repeatedly:

The Law of the Harvest.

As workers, as entrepreneurs, as farmers, the life lesson is true–you reap what you sow. When you work hard and do what you need to do, results generally follow.

This “law” is true as well in the midst of Draper Lifestyle’s New Year, New You Challenge, where members of our community are working with health professionals from our community. Working hard for results is the literal name of this game. In January we hosted a kick-off party at the Day Barn. To see who will be participating, and track participants’ progress, head to

Another Law of the Harvest is that spring always comes. Or maybe I made that part up, with a heart full of the hope of sunshine, here in the dreary doldrums of a February winter. Spring always comes.

Because Jeff said I could come plant a tomato seed in May. Lucky me. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand in this magical Draper soil, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Brooke Benton, Editor