Making Home Sweet

We are a house of forts, with an apparent abundance of building materials found in anything not nailed down.

The cushions never stay on the chairs, the throw pillows never stay in the nooks of the couches, and the blankets are always draped over something or other. And all of it fashioned into a space created by my six-year-old—a space all his own.

He does this on the daily and I let him… even while feeling—in my ordered, grown-up heart—super annoyed to live in a state of chaotic detritus. But it’s the feeling that it places in him—in his little, present, forging heart—that makes me give in, as he builds and carves out a place that feels just right, just to him.

Because on some level, don’t we all crave this? A place that feels just right, just to us?

In this issue we see the handiwork of locals, as they find and create places that feel right to them. Jennifer Harris shows off some of their remodeled homes; Linnea Lundgren gives us a peek into some of Draper’s historic homes; and Mimi Darley Dutton outlines Ron Austin’s multi-city journey to find a new place that feels like home. We’re lucky that home is Draper.

To be completely honest, my favorite place in my house is my bed. It feels just right to me-adorned in down, fluffy and squishy the way I like it. If you’re like me in this regard, or your kids are, we even have something for you. Children’s Book Reviewer Holly Newton outlines some of the best children’s books for bedtime… I might just grab that busy fort-building six-year-old and make him sit still and read with me for a bit.

I’m feeling sleepy already.

Brooke Benton, Editor