Draper Lifestyle's Transformation Challenge 2

Meet the Contestants

Angie Carr

Angie Carr is a 35-year-old sonographer originally from Evanston, Wyoming. She has three amazing kids and one great husband. Her family loves the outdoors and enjoys living in Utah because of all the easy access to a variety of outdoor adventures. Their favorite family activities include camping, hiking, biking, and snowboarding.

During the last few years, Carr’s busy schedule has resulted in less time for physical activity and proper nutrition, not to mention an aging and slowing metabolism. She wants to feel better and make healthier choices for herself and her family. Carr feels this transformation challenge is a great opportunity to take a little time each day to focus on herself. She hopes she can be a good example of hard work and healthy habits for her family. Her husband has already been joining her at the gym and making healthier eating choices, which has been a great support system.

Carr has been training at Total Health and Fitness. She believes creating healthy eating habits in addition to regular training sessions is the key to winning this transformation challenge and overall happiness! Carr says, ” I love that Total Health and Fitness incorporates the nutrition aspect as well as the physical weight training. I’ve realized that you really need to fuel the body the right way–with balance, not starvation! I am definitely going to continue applying the things I’ve learned throughout this challenge into my life and my family’s life after the challenge is over.”

Troy Prows

When Troy Prows was nominated for the Transformation Challenge, he was shocked to find out he had been chosen. He wasn’t sure when he would have the time to participate in a transformation challenge with his hectic and busy life. Not only is Prows a Captain for Unified Fire Authority in Draper City, but he is also raising his 14-year-old son and recently had the opportunity to adopt his one-year-old grandson. He also tries to enjoy his favorite hobbies including hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and traveling with his family and closest friends. At the age of 53, he has been trying to keep up with it all, and it all caught up to him, including increased weight gain.

Prows decided this would be a great opportunity to put himself first and make some positive changes so he can be more efficient at work and home. He noticed it was getting harder and harder to perform at a top level on the scene of a fire. And trying to keep up with a one-year-old has been completely exhausting. Prow knows if he is in better health it will help him perform better at his job and live longer for his young children.

Prows has been training at Total Health and Fitness and considers his journey with them so far as a total success, and says, “Total Health and Fitness is the best place for me to train and change my life because of the science-based approach to diet and exercise. It is completely motivating because I know the only variable is the amount of effort I put into it.” His trainer, Donna, motivates him by telling him “just remember, pain is weakness leaving the body.” Prows has taken this to heart and knows he needs to put his best foot forward at every workout.

With his busy work and home-life schedule, Prows was skipping meals or eating on-the-go randomly and then over-eating and binging in the evenings. His biggest challenge so far has been eating on a schedule, six times a day. He has had to adjust and make the time to plan healthy foods and schedule eating throughout the day.

Prows is proud to report that he has not been tempted to have a cheat meal yet because his meal plans provided by Total Health and Fitness have been extremely satisfying. He has been able to eat food he enjoys, when he wants. He loves that it is not a diet, rather a lifestyle change. He has been surprised by how quickly his body changed just within a few days of eating right and being dedicated to his workouts. His energy levels have increased tremendously and he looks forward to a healthier future, saying “these 12 weeks are just a platform and springboard for the future!”

Adam Berg

Adam Berg is a 28-year-old writer/actor and is known for his comedy and sense of humor. Besides his day-job involving writing, his other hobbies include rock climbing, television, sleeping, and spending time with his dog. Berg has affectionately named his belly flab “Humphric,” and he feels Humphric needs a one-way ticket out of town. Humphric was born after Berg had his appendix removed, leading to a two-month binge of food and Netflix, not to mention the lack of fondness for exercise during his entire life. In addition to getting rid of Humphric, Berg would like to “bulk up” and improve his posture.

In the beginning, Berg was very skeptical of reaching his transformation goals at Pilates Revolution gym. He is now working out with his trainer, Jeffrey Allsop three-times a week and Allsop programs a workout for him to complete the other three days a week. His trainer and workouts have changed his mind about the gym, he says it has been fun to have hard but enjoyable workouts, and he enjoys being able to see and take friends with him to the gym.

Berg says, “Pilates Revolution is so great! The studio is beautiful and so new! My trainer has been super supportive and has done lots of different work outs with me so I don’t get bored at all. If I could put one other person in charge of my body, it would either be my trainer, Jeff, or Paula Deen. I made a good choice.”

Berg treats himself to one Coca-Cola a week and says if you want to start your own transformation make sure to have fun and be patient.

Kimmy Harker (Not Pictured)

Kimmy Harker is a 17-year-old student who wants to be strong and healthy, and find confidence in her body image. She loves reading and drawing, and her favorite treat/cheat meal is a big Costa Vida burrito! Harker entered this transformation challenge because she has some goals she wants to accomplish but is having a hard time motivating herself. She hopes the motivation from her trainer and gym will help her reach all her goals, and she wants to have lots of fun along the way.

Harker is training at Aerobatics with Lance Nielsen. She says the toughest part about the transformation challenge so far is the endurance, she gets very tired and worn out, but her trainer keeps pushing her forward and motivating her to finish what she started. Harker also says she has surprised herself by sticking to her meal plan. She originally thought the eating/meal plan part of this challenge would be the toughest part, but it has come easier than expected.

Harker continues to be motivated by her trainer, and her end-goal and says, “Aerobatics has been amazing!  Everyone at the gym has such an amazing attitude and they are so nice and friendly. The environment is totally amazing and I look forward to going there!”

Her advice for someone trying to reach their goals or desiring body-image confidence is to get ready to work hard. She says, “You are completely changing your daily routine from the things you eat, to what you do during the day. Work hard, but have fun while you’re doing it! It is totally worth it!  I’ve never felt so fit in my life, and it feels amazing!”

Sadie Hawkes

Sadie Hawkes is a 32-year-old wife and mother who loves being active with her family, especially water- and snow-skiing. Since giving birth to her four-year-old and three-year-old she hasn’t been focusing on herself. Over time, she has noticed that she is doing less and being less active because her weight is an insecurity. She doesn’t feel comfortable doing some of the fun family activities, and that is leaving her unhappy.

Hawkes says her biggest struggle is eating, she knows she needs to make better, healthier choices, but it seems to be easier for her when someone is motivating and pushing here. This motivation is one reason she has loved training and getting her workouts in at Treehouse Athletic Club.

“Treehouse Athletic Club is seriously the best gym ever. I’ve tried other gyms and there is nothing else like this gym. The locker rooms are amazing and they have everything you need. They are always updating the gym and getting new equipment, and staying up to date with the newest classes and much more. It is such a fun family environment.” Says, Hawkes.

Hawkes’ end-goal is to lose 40 pounds. She knows achieving this goal will help her feel more confident in her clothes and feel more comfortable participating in active family events. Hawkes says her trainers are so experienced and go more in depth with training than anyone else she has ever met. “Jason and Nicole are outstanding. I hit the jackpot! They push and motivate me,” Hawkes says.

Alfonso Rodriguez

Alfonso Rodriguez is a 56-year-old husband, father, brother, and son, all roles he takes very seriously. He was raised in Los Angeles California with eight other siblings in a two-bedroom house. Rodriguez loves anything to do with computers, is a Windows PC gamer, and enjoys helping others with computer related issues. His love for technology has developed into a successful career as a Sales Engineer for a software company.

Rodriguez joined the transformation challenge to lose weight and get back in shape. He has diabetes and knows he needs to start taking care of himself so he can be available for his four daughters and watch his three grandchildren grow. Rodriguez has lost two of his siblings to diabetes and another brother is currently battling Renal Kidney Failure. He is completely motivated to working out, eating right and staying healthy to prevent the diabetes from further harming his body. Rodriguez’s goal is to drop below 200 pounds and create a healthy life-change!

“ilovekickboxing is the best answer for my condition. I couldn’t have asked for a better workout and, more important, support team. The entire team, trainers, and members are encouraging and friendly. I have multiple trainers, each has their own style and I like all of them. Each session is different. They are all great–Stephanie, Brittney, and Missy are outstanding!” says Rodriquez.

Rodriguez says the hardest thing was just getting started, getting motivated to do the work, and kicking bad habits. But he has tremendous support from his family and coworkers, who are all cheering him on, which has helped him stay motivated.

Even though Rodriguez loves chili-cheese hotdogs, he has had a lot less of them, and is making better and healthier decisions every day. If anyone asks for advice to start a life-changing transformation, Rodriguez says, “just get up and do it! Once you start, you will start to see your body change. You will stop craving unhealthy food. More important, commit to it. Once you get the mind-set, just keep going.”

Leata Hunt

Leata Hunt’s smile is contagious, her faith is strong, and her passion and determination for everything she does is fierce! That’s not all, Hunt is also a wife, mother, and soldier in the Army National Guard, where she serves as a Human Resources and Multi-Media Specialist, and is currently on Inactive Ready Reserves (IRR). Hunt has had a tough couple of years, from being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism leaving her with practically no energy, to a pregnancy that resulted in six months of bed-rest, she was not feeling like her energetic and athletic self. This immobility was a very traumatic experience for her.

Once she gave birth to her baby girl, Oceania, she knew she had to make some changes. Hunt was more than thrilled to be picked for the Draper Lifestyle Transformation Challenge and knew this would give her the opportunity and motivation she needed. Her ultimate goal going into this competition was to get back to the level of strength and health to be able to serve her country with her fellow comrades and soldiers. Her biggest motivation is her family; she plans to be a healthy and strong wife for her husband, Ralph Hunt, and role model for her daughter and other family members.

Hunt has been training at ilovekickboxing and has fallen in love with every aspect of it, from the facility and the atmosphere, to the support of trainers and the meal plans. “The atmosphere is highly motivating and fun-loving, no matter where you are at in your fitness journey, you come in and you leave feeling like a champ. The instructors truly care about why you are there and your goals, they want to help you,” she says.

On her first day at ilovekickboxing, Hunt realized how out-of-shape she was and it made her feel completely exhausted emotionally and physically. She realized how much work she needs to put in to be able to get back to where she was physically. The trainers and instructors have kept her fired-up, motivated, and stuck right by her side through each transition and stage.

“It is a team environment. You have to put in the work and they never give up on you. They are genuine and I would highly recommend ilovekickboxing to everyone out there,” she says.

If Hunt isn’t enjoying her new daughter or kickboxing, you can find her sharing her heritage, culture, and family traditions through Polynesian dancing and performing. Hunt says she already has more energy since starting the challenge and hopes to give her diagnosis of hyperthyroidism a beat down, so she can join her soldiers once again, and be an active mother.