A Good Catch

Draper Woman Snatches World Record for Bridal Bouquet Catches

As soon as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” comes on, Jamie Jackson positions herself up front, checks out the gals beside her and gets ready to jump and catch the bridal bouquet.

That’s Jackson’s modus operandi, and it’s paid off. The longtime Draper resident holds the Guinness World Record for most bridal bouquets caught—a total of 50. She calls herself the “Bouquet Slayer,” and for those wedding guests lucky enough to see her catch, they say it’s the best interception they’ve seen outside of football.

“It was a fun goal that I always wanted to do forever,” says Jackson, a personal trainer. “I finally accomplished it. It took a lot of perseverance.”

Thanks to many friends and co-workers tying the knot, she’s been to a lot of weddings, starting in 1996. It wasn’t until 2001 that she discovered there was a record for catching bouquets, which she’d easily broken.

Catching bouquets was the easy part. To make her record official, Guinness required extensive documentation, including photographs/videos—difficult to gather before the arrival of the smartphone. Luckily, Jackson was persistent. However, after submitting everything, Guinness decided all witness statements needed to be done on their official form. She started all over.

“I felt like it was like getting my Ph.D.,” she says of the documentation process that took from 2004-2015. She keeps all her bouquets (dried) in a glass display case and all documentation in binders.

Before Valentine’s Day 2015, her record became official and word spread. Within minutes, radio and TV stations from around the world called for an interview. “It was crazy, crazy,” she recalls.

Now that things have settled, she looks back on the lesson she’s learned. “People can achieve their dreams. You can do anything if you know your end goal,” she says.

With so many bouquets caught, the question remains: will Jackson ever toss a bouquet? Maybe that could be the next goal on the docket, but until then she says she’ll continue living life to the fullest with her “Just Do It” mantra and mentality. It’s on her list to create a sports commercial, teach a bridal boot camp and travel to Ireland.

Should Jackson tie the knot, she knows exactly what music she’ll use for the bouquet toss.
“It will be the theme song from ‘Rocky’,” she says, “because I am so competitive.”