December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Fighting like a girl. Running like a girl. Throwing like a girl. I think in this day and age, we can all laugh in the face of those once-slurred notions suggesting something negative. Having two glorious and strong daughters of my own, I appreciate when things are done “like a girl.”  And that includes dreaming. In “Permission to Dream,” local writer and photographer Lindsay Goeckeritz captures the hopes and dreams of refugee girls who live in our midst, and the certainty with which they seek their future. These dreams will take a lot of determination, a lot of hard work, and a lot of focus. Qualities that another “girl” in our magazine needed too, to earn the title of the “Bouquet Slayer.” I won’t give it all away, but did you know we have a Guinness World Record holder living in our midst?! She went for her own dream—and she got it. As for all the “girls” in our May issue, there is an admirable strength in their determination that is undeniable. Maybe if we could all do things more “like a girl,” we’d all be better off. Happy May, friends!


Brooke Benton, Editor

PS: In our April Issue, crossing guard Sandy Smith was accidentally listed as Mandy Smith. We’re sorry, Sandy! Thanks for taking good care of our kids!

Cover: Dreaming big dreams. Photo by lindsay goeckeritz