May 2017 Around Town 2

Award for Local Business, Manwill Plumbing and Heating

Manwill Plumbing and Heating received the UBIC Annual M7 award for the Best Company Safety Program-Large Business. Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC) has an annual “Magnificent 7” (or M7) Awards Ceremony that honors policy holders, business partners and insurance professionals for excellence in their fields. The awards are split into two categories, one for safety and the other for insurance.

One Teacher’s Low-Cost Approach to High-Tech Education

Chromebooks, iPads, Sphero devices, and Makey Makey kits: These are just a few of the digital tools in Ashley Lennox’s classroom. The fifth-grade Draper Elementary teacher also has been known to put a few analog (even living) devices to use, including, an iguana and yoga balls—masterfully marrying them with the curriculum to make learning fun and encourage students to think, problem-solve and create. But don’t let her fun-filled classroom fool you. “She’s an outstanding young educator who combines creativity, technology use, classroom management, and superior teaching skills to create a classroom where all students learn and achieve,” says CSD Educational Technology Specialist Katie Blunt. For her smart use of new technology, her willingness to collaborate and share tech tips with her peers, and her efforts to promote good digital citizenship, Ashley Lennox was named the 2017 UCET Outstanding Young Educator Award at the March 16 Utah Coalition for Educational Technology Conference. The award was presented during the Opening Session of the conference, which was held at the University of Utah. Lennox is first in line to embrace new technology, Blunt says. Many of the devices she uses were purchased with grant money that she personally applied for and won. Yet she’s generous with her time and resources, forever sharing students’ accomplishments, tech tips, and teaching ideas on social media to promote the cooperative development and effective use of technology. Lennox, M.Ed., is a certified NASA teacher with endorsements in educational technology, reading, and teaching English as a second language. The leader of Draper’s “Techniteer Troupe,” she brings together students interested in the use of technology and gives them opportunities to code, and complete engineering challenges. She’s not one to let high-tech resources rest idle, Blunt says. “When entering her classroom, what becomes instantly obvious is the passion Ashley has for teaching and learning and the love she has for her students. She motivates, encourages, and inspires.”

Sandy YEA Shark Tank Winner, Olivia Berhan

Oliva Berhan’s business, Kelali, was very inspiring to the judges and the audience. Inspired by the women swaddling their children in the traditional gabi, Kelali’s first product is a simple swaddle blanket. Kelali seeks to bring the historical significance of swaddling to an American audience. Throughout time, swaddles have been used in ancient civilizations to hold young children and infants. However, the true significance of the swaddle was not yet known by Western Society until recently. Medical doctors and researchers have actually found that the swaddle mimics the mother’s womb; tightly holding them the way they are positioned before birth.

The swaddle blanket will be manufactured in Ethiopia, to support the “Women’s Workers Union”. This venture will support women who have been victims of abduction marriage, divorce, and cultural separation. This model provides a way for women in these circumstances to become independent and provide for themselves and their children.

Olivia was awarded $4,000 to aid her in efforts to start her business. She will be traveling to Rochester, NY at the beginning of May to compete against approximately 100 other businesses from across the nation in the Regional and the National competitions, after which, she will be traveling to Ethiopia to immediately begin following through on starting her business.