Watch out for MMEND

Locals burst onto music scene with original and unique sound

Tired of the mainstream music scene and the same old stuff that all sounds like a copycat on your playlists? Ready to immerse yourself in something that actually sounds original and leaves you wanting more? Good news: MMEND recently joined the local band scene and is providing music that will get your blood pumping and is like nothing you’ve heard, guaranteeing you’ll add their songs to a couple of your playlists. Better news: MMEND is a group of local Draper residents and Alta High School graduates!

While some people call MMEND’s sound an alternative-indie-rock type, MMEND prefers not to give their music and sound a title or category. “When we write music, we are trying to come out with a sound that people don’t know they want but it ends up being a niche in their playlists. We don’t want to be a better version of a different artist, we want to make sure our sound is unique,” says band member, Mitchell Winter.

MMEND band members include Mitchell, Mason Winter, Elise Winter, Dallin Orr and Connor Robertson. Everyone grew up with musical backgrounds and came together through a love of music. Three of the band’s members are siblings and the other two are friends and Alta High School classmates. Mason and Dallin have been playing together since high school, and other band members came and went until finally Mitchell, Elise and Connor joined. The sound was made and the rest is history! But really, this is just the beginning: MMEND has a handful of awards and recorded singles and they are just getting started.

MMEND won first place in Provo’s Battle of the Bands, hosted by Velour in June 2016, and The Wall’s Battle of the Bands at BYU in October 2016. Reach Provo is a music magazine in Provo City that covered the Provo Battle of the Bands competition; they mentioned MMENDs live performance by saying it was “absolutely incredible” and “it felt like they were on a huge stage with thousands of people hanging on to every word.” Reach Provo also mentioned that one of the judges of Provo’s Battle of the Bands said, “I haven’t felt this way about a Provo band’s performance since I saw Imagine Dragons here five year ago–right before they went big.”

When you see MMEND live you will hear at least a few of their 10 original songs. Currently they have recorded and released two singles, which you can find on Spotify and Apple Music. They are in the process of recording a few more songs and plan to release an Extended Play (EP) with five to six songs by fall of 2017.

MMEND writes, records, and performs in between their full-time school and work schedules. Band members attend BYU and UVU, as well as work full-time and part-time jobs. They actively support each other in their individual lives, but try to come together and fit as much band time in as possible.

Short-term goals for MMEND include joining the Provo Rooftop Series this summer. Long-term, they hope to graduate from school and replace their jobs and income with the band full-time, which would open the doors for recording and releasing full albums and begin touring and playing at festivals.

With their accomplishments and successes in the short time they have been performing together, anticipate seeing big things from MMEND! Mitchell said, “We feel really lucky that everything has fallen in line and we have been able to move to the next step when needed. The support has been amazing and helped us achieve our successes so far.” Check out their Facebook page to hear their music and find out where you can see them perform live.