Driving Right 6

Local Intermountain Region Porsche Club 
of America Members Find Joy in the Ride

Dave Nelson and Helen Hodgson are a local couple from Draper who are members of the Intermountain Region Porsche Club of America. The club is an active group of people who participate in driver’s education, auto crossing, club racing, social gatherings, rallying, and driving tours.

Nelson and Hodgson have owned seven–and counting–Porsches in their lifetime. They currently own two that they drive daily, even through Utah winter conditions. Nelson drives a 2003 911 Carrera 4S, with 74,000 miles, all-wheel drive and power steering. Hodgson’s car is a classic, or as she calls it a “man-magnet,” a 1984 Carrera with a Targa top and 174,000 miles.

Nelson became addicted to Porsches when he bought his first one in 1980, the Porsche 924. He has had at least one Porsche almost ever since. He says he loves Porsches because they have excellent maneuverability, and that feature alone has gotten him out of some scary situations where he has had to put his defensive driving and his car’s ability to the test, and luckily both passed.

Anthony (Tony) Hilder, who is a Brand Ambassador for Porsche at Porsche Lehi, as well as an Intermountain Region Porsche Club of America member, says, “We have a lot of people who are true to the brand. Once you drive a Porsche, you never want to drive another car; it’s really boring. Driving is a pretty mundane thing, but when you get into a Porsche it comes alive, from the sound of the motor, to the way it shifts, to the way people look at you.”

Every few months the Intermountain Region Porsche Club goes on a day or overnight road trip. As you can imagine, a lot of heads turn when 30 – 50 Porsches from all decades go driving down the road together. Road trips the club has taken have included Wendover, Antelope Island, Mirror Lake, and local breweries across the state. “I think it’s a great way for people to get acclimated with Porsche, you get to network with some really cool people, and you make some good friends,” says Hilder, who has owned 11 of his own Porsches so far.

Nelson and Hodgson’s favorite road trip in one of their Porsches has been a drive along the Oregon Coast. They also enjoy driving their Porsches down to their home in Torrey, Utah. Hodgson thoroughly enjoys cruising in the fast lane, and says her favorite thing about driving her Porsche is “how quick and small it is; the maneuverability makes it great.”

The Porsche Carrera model that Nelson and Hodgson own is the most iconic sports car ever built. The Carrera, designed in 1963, was showcased at the Geneva Auto Show and has the longest run of any vehicle from 1965 all the way through today; it just gets better and better.

While the Carrera holds the title for longest running model, Porsches best-selling vehicle is the Porsche Cayenne. “As a manufacturer if you don’t have brands and vehicles that fit everybody you go to the wayside, so we came out with the Porsche Cayenne. It’s a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) so the whole family can fit in it, and it’s a great utility vehicle. It’s the number-one-selling Porsche of all time,” says Hilder.

“As a brand, if you do not evolve correctly you lose. We stay very true to our nature in building vehicles. Porsche is the most technologically advanced manufacturer on the planet. Everything we build is where form meets function,” says Hilder.

The Porsche brand is staying on top of technology and fuel efficiency. It has moved away from the naturally aspirated six-cylinder motors and building smaller four-cylinder turbos that give you more horse power, better performance, and are more environmentally conscientious.

If you are in the market for a new car, or just a new hobby, consider a Porsche. Nelson, Hodgson, and Hilder will be happy to welcome you to the family.