Dynamic Duos 7

Six sets of twins in Summit Academy’s fifth grade

Twelve of the 108 students in Summit Academy’s 2016-17 fifth grade class are twins. That’s 11%! Two sets are identical, four are fraternal, and all have been at Summit since kindergarten.

Bob Zentner was principal in the fall of 2011 when all of the twins began kindergarten. “I remember when they were just little,” Zentner said; then, with a chuckle: “I had one mom say that unless they were standing together, she couldn’t tell them apart, so I didn’t feel so bad.” He added, “Of all those twins that we had in my eight years at Summit, there were so many twins that were bosom buddies, the best of friends.”

Britta and Jens 

Britta and Jens Charnholm are the only boy/girl set. Their names represent their Scandinavian heritage. Twins were a surprise for the Charnholms, though later they realized both parents had twins in their families a few generations back. Their mom, Linnea, was on bed-rest at the hospital one month prior to their arrival at 32 weeks. Britta and Jens stayed in the hospital for a month as preemies before being allowed to go home. “They didn’t fit in their car carriers because they were so small, so we had to put rolled-up towels around them to brace the sides of their heads,” Linnea recalled.

Beau and Trey Dautel

Fraternal twins Beau and Trey Dautel were born in December at just 29 weeks. They had to stay in the hospital’s NICU for nearly two months. “We spent every day at LDS Hospital and the boys had their first Christmas there,” their mom, Katie, said. She shared that she and her husband had just ordered pizza from The Pie when her doctor notified them it was time for their twins to be born, and they weren’t allowed to eat the pizza. “We took them to The Pie on their first birthday so I could finally have that pizza!” Katie said. The boys have tried some twin tricks. “Before they realized they weren’t identical they used to try to trick us. We would play along and they thought it was hilarious,” Katie said.

Francis and Isaac Acord

Fraternal twins Francis and Isaac Acord arrived on what their mom, Dirim, recalled was a snowy April day. The Acords didn’t find out the gender of their twins in advance. They’d assumed it would be a boy and a girl, so they went to the hospital with an outfit for each gender. “We were pleasantly surprised to have delivered two boys. Dad had to run out and pick out another boy outfit to go home,” Dirim said. She described the strong sense each twin has about the other, explaining that when they’re apart, they know where their twin is or what their twin is doing.

Jazmin and Jerzey Gardner

Identical twins Jazmin and Jerzey Gardner were a “huge” surprise to their parents given that neither side had twins in their family. Born in June, their grandmother made name bracelets for them to wear as infants to help in telling them apart. When they dressed alike as little girls, Jazmin would wear pink and Jerzey purple. Now Jazmin sports brown hair while Jerzey remains blonde to help others know who is who. Each girl has her own personality and interests, but they are also very protective of one another according to their mom.

Kate and Annie 

Kate and Annie Heaton are fraternal twins who looked a lot alike when they were young but have grown less similar in appearance and whose personalities are very different. “They are very much siblings that were just born on the same day,” their mom, Megan, said about her girls who have a July birthday. Kate and Annie are named after their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. “We had them named before they were born and could tell who was doing what in the womb,” Megan said, adding, “They love to be together.”

Spencer and 
Steven Higgs

Spencer and Steven Higgs are identical twins born on July 11th, so their family calls them their “Slurpee babies”. “They were less fussy and more content to be in the same bassinet at the hospital and they have been inseparable ever since,” their mom, Sandy, said. Both boys love to tell jokes and play soccer, though one cheers for Manchester United and the other for Manchester City. “They have a connection between the two of them that I have never seen with my other three children,” Sandy said. “Still to this day I cannot tell them apart from the back of their heads,” she added with a laugh.