Find Your Orangetheory

At Orangetheory, we are family. Nothing makes us happier than hearing about the success our family members have…

Meet Eleisha…

I was diagnosed 13 years ago this month with Type 1 Diabetes. When I was diagnosed I went through a deep depression and basically gave up on life, even though I had also just found out I was pregnant with my second baby. Over the years I was in deep denial about the disease and didn’t take try good care of myself. I haven’t always been overweight, but after I gave up on myself and got older, the harder it was for me to lose the weight. In 2014, I started working out and over a year ago I joined OTF and my journey has just blossomed. I don’t suffer from depression anymore, I’ve gained many friends and family who are on the same journey as I am, my confidence is through the roof and  my diabetes in under control. I love Orangetheory and I won’t give up ANYMORE!

Eleisha will be transferring her membership 
to the NEW Orangetheory Fitness Draper!

Meet Doug…

Ten months after joining OTF, I am down almost 70 pounds, off all medications and sleep apnea machine, and my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. He confided in me that after my visit with him a year ago, I was in such bad shape mentally and physically that he didn’t think he would ever see me again. It hasn’t been easy for me. OTF is hard work, yet at the same time, strangely addictive. I work out five days a week and am now training for Spartan this coming August. I’ve already paid for it so that will make sure I don’t try and back out of it.

Doug was recently the male winner at the latest Weight Loss Challenge 
at Orangetheory South Jordan!