December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

I’m hungry.

Because I can’t get over the burgers in this issue. Yum. I have made it a personal summer goal to try each and every one. Are you with me?

I’m sentimental.

Because in Mimi Darley Dutton’s article, “Dynamic Duos,” there is a picture of darling twins with their arms around each other; there’s another with hidden bunny ears; all have happy smiles. I am taken in by the closeness of these cute kids and the way they seem to be the best of friends, taking care of each other.

I’m inspired.

Because the coaching and life philosophies of CCHS tennis coaches are pretty rad. And because there is a story about a boy named Elijah who simply learned to ride a bike and then accomplished something pretty spectacular.

I’m ready to find a patch of shade.

Because there is a list of books that I want to pour over with my kids. This will certainly be best accomplished while lounging underneath the trees in our back yard, as the summer sun makes its way to the west and we find ourselves (blissfully!) with nothing to do.

I hope this issue gives you taste of some of the amazing happenings, eats and residents in Draper, and that it inspires some random thoughts of your own.

Happy June, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor