DL Transformation Challenge 12

Angie Carr

Total Health & Fitness / Bailee Whitworth

Accomplishment: “My overall confidence has improved because I feel better and am more comfortable since losing the weight. And I have great definition in my arms,” says Carr.

From Mark Thackeray, Publisher of Draper Lifestyle Magazine, everyone involved on the magazine side, and the other contestants, to the gyms and trainers, Carr says the whole transformation challenge experience was great! She believes the challenge helped showcase all the facilities involved regarding varieties of weight loss and fitness possibilities.

“I just love the entire staff at Total Health and Fitness! My consultant Bailee was fantastic. She knew how to adjust my menu and workouts to get the results I was wanting. Donna was the trainer I worked with the most and she was the best. She had great energy and knew how to push me to my limits. I’m truly grateful for this entire experience,” says Carr.

“Angie always came in with a positive attitude about the menu and workouts. If I asked her to try a new food, or gave her a new workout routine, she would take it and follow it exactly. Her determination and dedication to the program showed through her attitude and actions,” says her trainer at Total Health & Fitness, Bailee Whitworth.

The Total Health & Fitness program fit perfectly for Angie’s busy lifestyle of being a mom and working full time. She gets an exact outline of what she needs to do every day for eating and exercise, taking out the guesswork gives her plenty of time to keep up with her busy life.

Troy Prows

Total Health & Fitness / David Johns

Accomplishment: “I am shocked by the physical transformation of my body. I wanted to look and feel better, and I do. I lost 57 pounds of fat, gained 20 pounds of muscle, cut 11 inches off my waistline, and have more muscular and defined arms and legs,” says Troy Prows.

Prows attributes his body transformation to his trainers David and Donna, who provided weekly progress reports through pictures, new meals plans, and tailored workouts. Prows learned the proper way to be fueling his body. Before the challenge he would run on a diet Pepsi all day long and then eat a huge dinner. He learned the proper way to eat throughout the day, without feeling restricted by certain foods.

Trainer Comments: “Troy was passionate about his goals and took this life change very seriously. He saw this for what it was—an opportunity to turn his health and the rest of his life around. He put forth full effort and is someone anyone will respect and love working with as soon as you meet him,” says trainer David Johns.

Johns says working with someone like Troy is rewarding and being able to witness him improve his everyday quality of life was as rewarding to him as the results were to Troy.

Prows thrived on the energy of working with the Total Health & Fitness team. He was a favorite client because he was always excited for the next workout and challenge. He specifically likes not having any guesswork of what he is supposed to eat. Instead of feeling like he was required to ‘stick to a diet’, he sat down with the trainers weekly, and together they planned specific menus to accommodate his life and what he wanted to eat. Most of all, he benefited from the zucchini lasagna recipe, which he has eaten for lunch for the last two months and never wants to change it!

Adam Berg

Pilates Revolution / Jeffrey Allsop

Accomplishment: I set out to lose weight I gained when I had an appendectomy, and I think I accomplished that by losing about 5% body fat and 12 pounds of fat,” says Berg.

Berg says he is very excited about how much he learned about himself during the transformation challenge, including a better understanding of how his body responds to different foods and exercises.

“Pilates Revolution is a very nice studio. Everyone there is so thoughtful and fun. My trainer, Jeff, did a great job of making sure I was enjoying the workouts and pushing myself at the same time,” says Berg.

“Adam took responsibility for his program, communicated what he enjoyed and what worked well for him, and developed a social network by bringing friends to the gym. This groundwork of competence, autonomy, and relatedness ensured his success during and after the competition,” says Berg’s trainer at Pilates Revolution, Jeffrey Allsop.

Allsop also said he used an athletic and integrated approach to developing Berg’s training, and adjusted the workouts to his body for what did or didn’t work well for him. Allsop kept an open line of communication, and an open mind with Berg so they could focus on strengths, developing weaknesses, increasing the type of training Berg enjoyed, and removing things that weren’t suitable. Berg performed exercises including weightlifting, sprinting, agility, speed, balance, core and flexibility training. Allsop and Berg worked together on nutrition to ensure a holistic approach to changing his body.

Sadie Hawkes

Treehouse Athletic Club / Nicole Gonzalez and Jason Gonzalez

Sadie was already a member at Treehouse Athletic Club prior to the challenge, and her popularity and kindness throughout the club with other members really made it a fun environment. “There wasn’t a day where someone wouldn’t come up to her and reassure her how hard she was working and how good she looked throughout the challenge. I believe the positive energy and community provided by Treehouse Athletic Club is a big reason why Sadie was so dedicated and motivated every day of this challenge,” says Nicole Gonzalez, one of Sadie’s trainers at Treehouse Athletic Club.

“Sadie was such an awesome contestant, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better, we couldn’t be more proud,” says Gonzalez. She goes on to say that Sadie was always so positive in the gym and gave it her all every day, and really pushed herself and proved to us that not only has she improved in her physical strength but mental strength as well.

Alfonso Rodriguez 
iLoveKickboxing / Brittany Ayers

Accomplishment: Alfonso Rodriguez lost more than 20 pounds and significantly shrunk his waistline during the challenge. He has more energy to spend time with his friends and family, who have definitely noticed the change, and Rodriguez says, “It is all thanks to iLoveKickboxing! The program definitely works and you can see it!”

During this challenge, Rodriguez provided an incredible example to his family. He worked hard to prove that no challenge is too hard to overcome and his loved ones are proud of him. He has not only improved his own health and lifestyle, but is encouraging his family members to do the same. His wife and daughter have been supporting him on his health journey by joining him in his nutrition goals and consistent exercise.

“If you have ever met Alfonso Rodriguez you will understand why the phrase, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” is a perfect illustration of his attitude. He never turns away from a challenge. He always jumps in and gives 110% and he does it while joking and making everyone around him laugh,” says his trainer at iLoveKickboxing, Brittany.

Brittany goes on to say that every single time he comes in for Kickboxing he brings his give-it-everything attitude and sense of humor with him. One of the reasons Alfonso has been so successful in reaching his goals is because he does not let himself take things too seriously. Yes, he always works hard and pushes his limits, but he always has fun doing it.

Leata Hunt

iLoveKickboxing / Brittany Ayers

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment was being able to transition from my bed ridden state of energy after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and being pregnant with my daughter to restoring my energy back to optimal health and strength after 90 days as a Draper Lifestyle Challenge contestant,” says Hunt.

Midway through the challenge, Hunt was encouraged by the iLoveKickboxing instructors and other gym members and fellow kickboxers, to apply as an instructor. They encouraged her to apply because of her motivation level and drive that inspires everyone at the gym to push through each class and stay dedicated in their fitness goals. Hunt believes that her Polynesian enthusiasm was rubbing off on fellow kickboxers and onto the punching bags. “A month after working out as a Draper Lifestyle Transformation Challenger at iLoveKickboxing, I happily became the newest kickboxing instructor,” says Hunt.

iLoveKickboxing provides a unique workout atmosphere that you can never get bored of, and includes different workout routines daily, personalized by each instructor. This ensures all kickboxers have an excellent quality in workouts, and have fun while pursuing their fitness goals.

“Once you meet Leata Hunt, you immediately love her. She has a radiant personality and her smile is infectious. Every Kickboxing class that she is a part of, she lifts and motivates all the people who are working with her and around her. In just the first two weeks of classes she became friends with nearly every person in our studio. She has been a huge motivation to her friends and family, many of whom have joined her on her fitness journey. Leata makes it her goal to uplift and motivate others every day,” says her trainer Brittany at iLoveKickboxing.

Brittany goes on to say that Leata continually pushes her limits and reaches outside of her comfort zone, attributing to her lifestyle change success. Hunt is constantly striving to do better and work harder than she did before. She loves learning new and more challenging ways to do things and tackles each new challenge with energy and enthusiasm. Hunt could barely do five pushups when she started this challenge, but she has come leaps and bounds pushups with ease and is even teaching Kickboxing classes in the iLoveKickboxing studio each week.

“Since starting our program a few months ago Leata has cut down her body fat percentage by more than 9% and lost more than 12 pounds of fat. She has dropped down to her smallest dress size in years, she is managing the symptoms of a normally debilitating medical condition, and she says that she has never felt better,” says Brittany.

In Leata’s own words, “Sweat is magic!”

At iLoveKickboxing they believe that every person is capable of making positive changes to improve their fitness and health. They work hard to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and motivated to work on making their goals a reality. The trainers know every student’s name and work with people personally, one-on-one to help them achieve their goals. Many members refer to their friends at iLoveKickboxing as their “fitness family.”

Every time a new student starts the program, they receive a complimentary fitness assessment so they can help them keep track of their progress. Then, if they are not moving in the right direction, iLoveKickboxing can solve the problem to ensure they see the results they are working for.

iLoveKickboxing provides fantastic results due to the implementation of three key elements in their program: intense cardio, weight/resistance training, and proper nutrition. Their classes keep students moving non-stop for a high calorie burn. On average, students burn between 800 and 1,000 calories per one hour class. In addition to the intense cardio nature of the programs, punching bags each weigh at least 200 pounds providing the resistance necessary to build muscle for toning and definition. Finally, iLoveKickboxing provides free meal plans for each student, they discuss important concepts related to proper diet and nutrition in each class, and post new recipes on the Facebook page each week to help students get a little more variety. In the program they have helped people lose anywhere from 10 pounds up to 120 pounds, reduce stress, and increase their energy and stamina to take on new challenges.