December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

I find that no matter how much my little family travels during the summer, we really like to be home and try to be home for Draper Days. Riding Razor scooters to the parade route, walking over to the park and melting in that afternoon sun while the kids bounce and roll and tumble, finding a food truck to have dinner at while munching on Kettle Korn, waiting all evening for it to get dark enough for fireworks—these things feel quintessentially summery and I find it magical that they happen in our own town.

Or maybe that’s why they’re so magical. Because all these things are ours.

The best part of heading over to Draper Days is recognizing so many happy smiles on familiar faces. It’s like a big family reunion of people I don’t often always meet face to face but learn about as our awesome Draper Lifestyle writers profile them and tell their stories. I’ve had people tell me more than once that their favorite thing about Draper Lifestyle is recognizing their friends, family members and acquaintances in these pages. 

As a local publication, that is one of our main goals: that you know the people we feature—and that they are a good representation of your stories as well. 

I guess Draper Days just feels like a culmination of all of that. And I love it..

Wishing you the best summer yet!

Brooke Benton, Editor