Corner Canyon—The Crown Jewel of Draper 10

Favorite places to run and hike from locals’ perspectives, plus hiking groups to join

Draper Lifestyle Magazine asked locals what their favorite run or hike is in Corner Canyon. Here are the replies:

John Maack, ultramarathoner and 
director of Corner Canyon Ultra Trail Run

It’s the variety of trails, from easy, rolling dirt roads to steep, technical terrain that makes it difficult for ultramarathoner and Draper resident John Maack to pin down his favorite trail in Corner Canyon.

“I have so many favorites,” says Maack, who steps out his doorstep to a trailhead. For 15 years, he’s run Corner Canyon’s trails four to five days a week, often running loops of six to 20 miles, which he says are great training for any of the local races.

But for a short training run (or hike), his favorite is Ghost Falls Trail thanks to its shade, decent vertical, some technical (rocky) sections and the beautiful waterfall. “Ghost Falls is good training for uphill running,” he says. “It’s an ideal trail to train for a quick training run.”

Maack also likes promoting the uniqueness of Corner Canyon while helping others. Since 2012, he and Draper resident Troy Olson and Troy Robertson have organized the 5K, 25K and 50K Corner Canyon Ultra Trail Run. It’s held on October 14, with all proceeds going to a cancer-patient recipient each year.

Bill Becker, Corner Canyon Trails Foundation

Bill Becker also finds it hard to pin down one favorite trail because, as the executive director of the Corner Canyon Trails Foundation, he’s hiked and/or worked on them all. But he really enjoys Hoof ‘n’ Boot. As they name implies, it’s foot traffic only.

“It is a pretty trail,” Becker says and, with light traffic, hikers can “enjoy the wildflowers, hear the birds chirp and maybe see some wildlife.” Hoof ‘n’ Boot has some steep grades toward the top, so it’s a moderate hike.

Suzan Baker, Wasatch Mountain Club

Draper resident Suzan Baker also loves Hoof ‘n’ Boot, but sometimes wants an easy-to-access, quick hike after work, not to mention a chance to see wildlife.

Two of her favorites are Oak Hollow and Spring Hollow trails, which have easy neighborhood access and offer wildlife sightings, be it birds or bunnies. “You can make them as long or as short as you like, before or after work,” she says. “And you can take your dogs, too.”

Baker knows Corner Canyon well. She and Julie Kilgore lead the Wasatch Mountain Club’s Monday night Corner Canyon hikes. They’re for everyone, but are geared to families and those seeking a leisurely pace. The group meets 6 p.m. every Monday through September at the Andy Ballard Equestrian Park, 1600 Highland Dr.

Nicole Tenzer, Upward Hiking

A new, women-only hiking group adds a bit of a twist to the Corner Canyon hiking experience.

Nicole Tenzer, along with Heather Gill, operate Upward Hiking, and their favorite trail is Maple Hollow—underneath a full moon.

“It’s a spectacular place,” said Tenzer, who leads guided full-moon hikes up Maple Hollow to the mountaintop. There, they’ll watch the sun dip behind the Oquirrhs and then watch the moonrise over Mount Timpanogos. On their last full-moon hike they included an instructor-led twilight yoga class.

“Our goal is to get women interested in hiking,” said Tenzer and to provide companionship and encouragement, not to mention good exercise.

Greg Hilbig, Trails and Open Space 
Manager for Draper City

For up-to-date information on hiking (and biking) conditions, trail news, maps and event info, check out Draper City Trails and Open Space Facebook page organized by Greg Hilbig.

His favorite hiking trail depends on the season. To beat the heat, he likes the shady Canyon Hollow or Ann’s Trail. In cooler months, he enjoys Rattler Trail and the north side of Ghost Falls Trail for their sun exposure.

Hilbig says in response to public input, Draper City is expanding “foot traffic-only” trails, including the Coyote Footpath and Burnham Creek Loop.

“The trend today is toward user-specific trails, such as foot only or bike only,” he says. Draper City is also working on year-round activities to get residents exploring Corner Canyon on foot, including guided winter snowshoe hikes.