Just Keep Swimming! 17

Don’t throw in the towel! Be like these incredible kids and learn a fun and useful skill 
this summer! Swimmers, parents and Kelsie Bowler—owner of Bowler Swim School—
share some inspiration for diving right in.

Alexis Olsen, age 5

Alexis says: Swim lessons are fun! I like that I get to play with toys at the end of my lesson. I like that I can blow bubbles underwater.

Alexis’ mom says: Alexis likes learning to swim by herself, without any floaties. She thinks it’s fun to try the flippers because they make a cloppy sound and help her swim fast. Alexis’ favorite thing she’s learned so far is how to swim underwater. She likes to be close to the bottom. This year she wonders if she can even try gymnastics underwater!

Kelsie says: Alexis may be cute and small, but don’t let that get in the way. Alexis broke her arm during the summer and though she had her arm in a cast all the way to her elbow. That didn’t stop her though! She sported her bright pink waterproof cast in the swimming pool and didn’t let it show her down at all.

Baylor Olsen, age 8

Baylor says: All the people who teach me are really nice. I want to thank all of my instructors for teaching me to swim because now I can jump in the pool and swim by myself.

Baylor’s mom says: Baylor’s favorite thing he’s learned so far is how to dive underwater and get things off the bottom of the pool. He thinks it’s fun because he has to go quick. Sometimes he imagines he’s jumping from a helicopter when he goes under and that he’s rescuing people from the bottom of the pool. He likes jumping in the pool and doing cannon balls (and yelling “Caaannnon ball” as he jumps)! Baylor thinks swim lessons are important so that you can swim by yourself anywhere that has water.

Kelsie says: Baylor is a hard worker. He learned so much during swim lessons last year—going from being timid in the water to swimming by himself and doing tricks. He has a wild imagination that takes him on all sorts of adventures.

Cami Tasker, age 6

Cami says: I like trying different swim strokes. My favorite are freestyle and dolphin kick. I like trying to see how long I can hold my breath in the water. I like how the water feels when I’m swimming. Diving for rings is one of my favorite things to do at swim lessons. I like my swim teachers and learning new things—I just like being in water!

Cami’s mom says: From my point of view, Cami has loved water since she was mobile. As a baby she’d crawl into the beach entry pools as fast as she could until she was under water. I’d pull her out, put her back on dry ground and she’d do it again. When she was three, I put her in her first lesson and her teacher pulled me aside and told me she was a natural and would go far. If Cami’s near water (lake, pool, or even just a puddle), she is in it.

Kelsie says: I would be shocked if there is someone in the world who doesn’t love Cami. The only girl amid three brothers, Cami has learned that just because she is a girl doesn’t mean that she can’t keep up with them. Most of the time when I see her she is sporting a shirt with a sentiment such as “I call the shots” or “Girls never quit.” She is an amazing swimmer who, by the age of five, could swim all the competitive strokes, preform a flip turn, and execute a racing dive.

Matthew Ridge, age 6

Matthew says: I love swim lessons because I’ve learned a lot about all the strokes and will be starting a swim team just like my older brother and sister this summer. I also love how fun the teachers make swim lessons. There are toys, a slide, and jumping off the wall. If I could swim anywhere… it’d be in the Olympics!

Matthew’s mom says: Matthew’s favorite thing he learned is that he can swim with his eyes open. He overcame that fear and now thinks he can learn so much more. He also likes the playing at the end of his lesson—he gets to choose an activity—and loves being filmed! Bowler Swim has been such a great foundation for Matthew. What he has learned has allowed him to move into competitive swimming with Wasatch Front Fish Market at Treehouse. He started this summer and was so excited. He could have never accomplished this as a six-year-old without Bowler Swim School. They are the best!

From Kelsie: Matthew is an awesome, chill, go-with-the-flow kid. He tries everything and doesn’t complain. Matthew has become quite the swimmer, going from beginner swimmer to knowing all the competitive strokes in two summers and then joining a swim team the following summer.

Kyle Holland, age 14

Kyle says: I like swimming. The best thing about swim lessons is swimming. I have learned the strokes and increased my endurance. My favorite thing about lessons is having a fun coach.

Kelsie says: Kyle is a very well-rounded individual. From swimming on our swim team to playing the piano to participating in science fairs, Kyle can do it all. He pushes himself, working past discomfort, so that he can better himself and learn more.

Abby Holland, age 11

Abby says: I like that we learn a lot and it’s fun. My favorite thing is that the teachers teach at my pace so swimming lessons aren’t stressful, just fun. If I could swim anywhere, I would swim in the ocean—a tropical place with really cool critters.”

Kelsie says: Abby is a real smartie; she is also an absolute sweetheart. Just like her brother Kyle, she is a jack of all trades, from swim lessons to baking beautiful cakes to rocking it at gymnastics—we are lucky that she still has time to come swim with us!