Like a Boss 6

High School Students Thrive at Utah Business Week

This month, students across the state of Utah will have a unique opportunity to further their education and experience in the business field. Utah Business Week, hosted at Utah State University in Logan, is a weeklong program that gives high school students real life business experience. Students learn business from top industry professionals while competing in a business simulation. They make marketing, research/development, pricing decisions and much more. Students also work within teams to create a product, design a logo, and produce a radio commercial. Students will compete against other teams and be judged by professionals from the business community.

This camp is organized and ran by the nonprofit group Foundation for Private Enterprise Education, with the goal of educating, encouraging, and preparing Utah students for business careers. Every year, participants look to Utah Business Week as a unique educational and social experience. Throughout the week, speakers and presenters on various topics related to business, finance, communications, accounting, and marketing. These presentations utilize many members of Utah’s expansive and highly successful business community. In 2016, speakers who had worked at many big-name companies, including Apple, Boeing, and Zions Bank, provided students with their unique insights and expertise. With speakers of this caliber, it’s no wonder that Forbes named Utah the best state for business in 2016.

Throughout the week, UBW provides many opportunities for students to apply their new knowledge in activities and competitions designed to foster teamwork, innovation, and work ethic. However, Utah Business Work also leaves plenty of time for fun. This program brings like-minded students together, and developing friendships are encouraged through dances, live entertainment, games, skits and much more.

In the competitive world of business, it is never too early to get a head start in furthering education and making connections. Every year, Utah Business Week attendees highly recommend the program. Alta student Megan Jeffries stated, “I would not trade my experience at UBW for anything else. I believe it will be invaluable to me as I move forward in deciding upon my future career.”