December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

It might be true that school-school is still out for the last few weeks of summer, but FUN school–The Finishing School, featured on our cover–is definitely in session. And I want to go.

Maybe there is something about a pile of raw, colorful elements that stirs the soul and entices it to create something. To make it and share it. At The Finishing School, this is displayed in ribbons and buttons and fabric and spatulas (oh my!)–an entire rainbow of them; at JOCO Gallery this is shown in the artistry and handiwork of John Carroll, through stone and metal and wood. The elements themselves are lovely to look at; the creation of them into something more is inspiring and beautiful… Be it fine art or cookie.

It’s my own opinion that every person has an innate need to create things–that part of our inner make-up longs to leave things better than we found them. In this way, I think our creative sides are endless and not limited to specifically artsy raw elements. I like to do things with words; others are remarkable gardeners; still others leave their impressions on youth in positive ways. This is how it is for Officer Green, featured in this issue for his local work with fifth graders as the resident Draper DARE officer.

I find, as a busy working mom heading back into an even busier, more structured and rigid school year, that I want to end my summer with a bang, and mimic the happy, helpful, creative people in these pages.

And I’m going to start by turning to page 26 and following our local teenagers’ examples of summer fun.

Who’s with me?

Happy August, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor