Stephanie's Picks 4

Owner of Pilates Revolution Shares Her Healthy Picks

1. Equipment: I’m totally biased, but I am in love with the pilates reformer. I have an athletic build and I felt like the workouts on the reformer were the only thing that actually reshaped my muscles. I love the long-lean look! I also feel that nothing works secondary and stabilizer muscles like this machine. Joseph has a famous quote that goes like this: “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” Clinically, I’ve found this to be true! I can attest to the “deep down strong” feeling you get with this type of workout and it is life changing.

2. Equipment: On a smaller scale, for home use I love resistance bands or tubing. Adding resistance to any “at home” workout takes it to the next level and I love that the tension can be adjusted for whatever degree of difficulty you are looking to achieve. It’s also affordable for any budget.

3. Protein Powder: I’m LOVING the Beverly International UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein). This is the best chocolate flavored protein I’ve ever had! This week I’m looking to combine it in a few recipes for late night “treats”. I also like the vanilla flavor and looking forward to trying a few more.

4. Doterra Lemon Oil: I’ve been working on better hydration, and for the most part that means water water water….. especially going into these hot months! My favorite addition is four drops of lemon oil to my water bottle. The flavor is perfect, not too overpowering, just a little extra something. The natural detoxifying properties are apparent also. My kids even love it and ask for “lemon water” when we’re on the go (which is much better than juice all the time!) They typically ask for juice and an article in Parents magazine just came out titled “New Guidelines on Fruit Juice: Less for Kids”, so I’m looking to hydrate more with water this summer anyway!

5. Protein Bars: I’m constantly on the go with busy kids/summer and fall into the trap of waiting too long to eat, then grabbing whatever is fastest to throw in my mouth (which is 99% of the time extremely unhealthy, although I LOVE doughnuts! :)) So I’ve found Quest Bars for a quick grab protein bar. It will satisfy the sweet craving and give you a protein boost on the go.