Pilates Revolution Success Stories 10

Draper residents find a place to improve fitness, rehabilitate injuries, and build community

Throughout Draper and across the country, Pilates has become an increasingly popular form of exercise. While some claim that Pilates has helped them recover from injuries, others use it for general physical fitness to improve balance, posture, and stamina. The studio Pilates Revolution has been providing a wide variety of fitness classes to Draper residents. Here, three people share their own experiences with the studio, and with Pilates in general.

Tasha Lowery

Tasha Lowery has never been a fitness guru or a gym rat. She admits, “I really [just] like to eat chocolate and read books. I’ve just never been super sporty.” But when Pilates Revolution opened near her home, Lowery made a goal to make Pilates part of her consistent exercise routine. And she quickly realized that the activity stood out from a typical gym regimen. She says, “Pilates is really focused on the whole body. It tones and strengthens muscles you didn’t even know you had.” She also found the pace of the studio to be refreshing. “I like the way Pilates isn’t about killing yourself or destroying your body–it’s about starting where you are at and working slowly but consistently to be stronger, healthier, and more flexible.” All in all, Lowery was surprised to realize that while Pilates was making her healthier, she was having a little bit of fun. “Pilates is one form of exercise I truly do enjoy. …After an hour-long workout, you feel so much better. Your whole body is relaxed. You are tired but not exhausted. You are ready to face the day.”

At Pilates Revolution, Lowery found a unique sense of community, and built a relationship with others at the studio: “We all know each other. We suffer through the hard classes together.” She also appreciated the positive atmosphere at Pilates Revolution, noting, “This isn’t about feeling badly about where you are at–it’s about embracing your body and finding your strengths.” For Lowery, Pilates has stuck, and she now recommends it to anyone looking to get back into a regular exercise routine.

Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith had been dealing with back pain for years, and after a wave runner accident in 2010, the problem was only getting worse. On a whim, he tried Pilates at a local gym, and the benefits came quickly: within two months, he went from constant injuries and back injections to zero pain.

Though he originally used Pilates to deal with his injuries, Smith has stuck with the activity for years. He noticed that daily activities were easier to perform: “Now, if I need to perform an activity requiring me to lift heavy weight, I can do it without injuring myself again.” And for Smith, exercising is as much a mental process as a physical one. He says, “For me, exercising is a therapy session. Whether its Pilates or weight lifting, I can always improve my mood by exercising.”

Now, Smith recommends Pilates to all kinds of people. He says, “If you want to improve you posture, enhance the body’s stability, or strengthen your body’s muscles overall, Pilates is a must.” And Smith notes that Pilates’ many benefits: from decreased injuries to muscle strengthening, are not just for beginners. He says to book a private session and get started learning exercise techniques.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith has always had a passion for fitness. She was fist introduced to Mat Pilates as part of her dance training in New York, and started taking more classes after moving back to Utah. For Smith, the activity was not only physically but also intellectually stimulating. She says, “I have a pretty active mind, and have a hard time focusing enough to not be bored during other forms of exercise. If I had to choose between eating worms and running, I would probably eat worms. [But] Pilates is so layered, and doing it correctly takes so much mental energy. I’ve always found it fascinating and invigorating.”

In Utah, Smith decided to start her own Pilates studio. She wanted to share the benefits she had found from the activity, and believed that the studio could be a space for Draper residents to improve fitness, rehabilitate injuries, and build community. She has been able to see all of these goals come to fruition in establishing Pilates Revolution. “The best part of running this business has been putting together an all-star team. We seriously have some rock stars!” She has also already seen some amazing success stories. One woman, Jenn Garrett, participated in Pilates when she was pregnant with her eighth child. For Garrett, Pilates was helpful in dealing with debilitating back and stomach problems from a difficult previous pregnancy. Garrett continued Pilates until she was 40 weeks pregnant, and the pelvic and core strength she developed made her delivery and recovery much easier.

Smith finds that stories like this motivate her to continue her work in the studio. She says, “Watching the physical and mental transformations of our clients has been fantastic…Clients become friends with our staff and their classmates: we are involved in each other’s lives and support each other.”