I’ve always thought that New Year’s resolutions are such a connundrum deep in a snowy winter. Cold January makes me want to hibernate and bury deeper under cover of fuzzy blanket and forced heat and not emerge until April… But the iconic thing persists despite my sleepiness and I find myself among the throngs of those who hit the gym harder, make the dinner healthier, and sometimes, just try for a fresh start. 

This issue of Draper Lifestyle hopes to inspire some of those things, while helping us all consider a very basic –but often revolutionary– tennant of all human needs, and that is self-care. 

So, featured in this issue are some ideas for health, wholeness and wellness. First, local exercisers and trainers–from those doing things out of the box and out of the gym–to those who’s persistent efforts at all times (including snowy winters!) have paid off dividends. For the mental aspect of wellness, Linnea Lundgren writes about The Meditation Club at Corner Canyon High School. This issue also features a delicious take on healthy eating: by color! I can almost hear the collective ooh, ahh and yum. 

Finally, January brings the Second Annual Draper Lifestyle Transformation Challenge that kicks off on January 11, at 6:30 in the Day Barn. Teaming up with health professionals and gyms in the community, we hope to help take care of YOU when you need a little help taking care of yourself. 

Happy 2018, dear friends! 

Brooke Benton, Editor