A beautiful collaboartion that gives old Draper new life

Draper’s historical buildings are being given new life as renovated homes, businesses, and venues.  Their continued presence in the community is due in large part to the collaboration between community members, the Draper City Council and Mayor, and the Draper Historic Preservation Commission.    

The Draper Historic Preservation Commission is a group of citizens who are appointed by the mayor and city council to volunteer their time by “identifying, preserving, protecting, and enhancing historic buildings, sites, monuments, streetscapes and landmarks within the city deemed architecturally or historically significant.”

Draper currently has 14 properties listed on the National Register of Historic places, with numerous other homes throughout the city that are 100+ years old.  The question posed by many is: are they worth saving?  

According to the Draper Historic Preservation Commission, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”  

The group also works extensively with owners of historic properties to help them obtain grants and other funding to offset the cost of maintaining and restoring historic properties.  

Preserving historic buildings can help solidify a community’s past and help strengthen it’s future. Research also shows that historic buildings can help create vibrant, cultural downtowns that draw tourism, art, festivals, and other activities which can in turn draw investment, revenue, and economic growth.